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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Rugs and Drapes

I finished the floors this morning. The living room now has a russet colored carpet, wall to wall. Tip of the day...If you want to use a piece of plush upholstery fabric for a rug, cut the piece just a bit larger than the finished area that you are covering. Coat the edges with white glue like the example in the photo. Let it dry. Then cut it to the exact size. Then glue it into place.

This carpet was thick enough that I didn't want to turn any edges under. As you can see, it lays nicely and edges exactly to the tile floor.

After I was done with the flooring, I went on to the bedroom area and the bookcase headboard.

The bookcase is staggered at the top to fit into the curved roof of the trailer. I simply made it like stair steps. The width is just a bit wider than the bed, so that the bed can slide under the bottom shelf in the daytime.

Of course, Tessie had some criticism. "Zar, you will have no privacy in here! You need a wall...No. Maybe a heavy curtain, to separate this part from the rest of the trailer. What if you get up and don't want to make the bed? You can just close the curtain..."

For once, Tessie had a good idea. I got right on it.

Only one problem. You won't get to see it until tomorrow. I put a hem in some striped camel colored fabric, suitable for a man....At least that's what Tessie says. "Very masculine."

Then I did the pin board thing to pleat it. It will hang beside the bookcase and come across to the front(theoretically). That way Zar can close off the bedroom if he so desires....He will probably go hide in there every time that he sees Tessie coming.

Anyway, now I have to let it dry. I sprayed it with the hairspray that you see in the photo. I could take a hair dryer to it, but I am going to wait until I get home from the mini meeting. I have other things to keep me busy now.

See you tomorrow. Hopefully with curtains in place.


Lucille said...

Thank you, Casey, for the carpet tip. I just know it will come in handy one day. I'm loving its russet colour. It harmonizes well with the trailer's colour scheme. Very original your method for the bookcase. Have a nice mini witch meeting!

Eliana said...

The details are precious ... Very good job!

otterine said...

Yes, thanks for a tip on the carpet...I am just about to that point in the Spring Fling house. :D