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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Week???

At least....Zar is paying through the nose. It's just a good thing that he makes big bucks from his Steampunk patents. Don't tell Tessie. She would be trying for more than ten bucks and two cookies!

She has now promoted herself to home inspector. I had to patch the roof in one place, but it will be covered with shingles. It seems that the original plan called for the solid roof piece to go more towards one end. Zar wanted the roof garden pretty much in the middle.

Zar has started the shingles on the other end of the trailer...He is working as far away from Tessie as it is humanly possible to work.

We are tearing the top edge of the shingles to make them thinner, so that they will lay flatter on the curved surface of the roof. So far, so good.

I am pretty close to being finished with the half timbers. Looking at the photos, I can see some places that could still use something.

Tessie just discovered that I gave Zar one of her LED lamps. I have the distinct feeling that I am now on her naughty list. Hey! She had no place to put it. It is copper and doesn't really work in the townhouse, but then again....It's the principle of the thing. It's hers!

We are going to have to sit down and have a talk about sharing things. Maybe after I finish the trailer. I am too busy right now and the Wednesday Witches are descending in a couple of hours. I have to go get ready.

See you tomorrow.


Lataina said...

Ooh, I really like Zar's new real estate! Looking good! =)

Lucille said...

You've done a lot, Casey. I really like this look for a trailer. Very original! I expect lots of experiments will be going on in there! Hope Zar doesn't blow up the place after all the work you did! Better keep an eye on him.

Merri said...

Wow, that's going to be a regular steampunk compact palace! Zar must be so pleased! It's amazing!

PILAR6373 said...

Wow!!! ese tejado tiene una pinta excelente!!!!!!!

Audra said...

I really like the shingles. Is that egg carton? Will be watching to see how you finish them. How do you think they would look on a house? (of current time period). Maybe I could try that on my garage and the Glenwood

Sandra from Sydney said...

Now that is a really different look for a trailer (we call them caravans here in Australia). Zar is doing a good job of shingling the roof. Hope he and Tessie don't come to blows over the lamp vbg.
Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)

Kathi said...

I am really enjoying watching you transform this trailer. :D LOVE what you've done so far!

Deni said...

WOW your zooming ahead on teh van looking really fantastic already!