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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Five Generations, Minus One....

April came over today and we quilted... Maybe I should say that she quilted and I talked about quilting.

She recently "borrowed" the double wedding ring quilt in the first photo from me....It is one of those borrowers kind of things. I will not get it back. That's OK though. I know that it is in good hands.

It was made by my great grandmother for my mom and dad when they married. It's all hand done and she was a wonderful quilter. I have several of hers and April borrowed this one and another older one.

April is very carefully repairing a few patches in it that have worn through. You can't tell which ones she did.

April made and tied a fence rail quilt about ten years ago and, at the time, swore that she would never make another one. I am happy to say that she reneged on that. She is now happily quilting away when she has the time.

The reason for the title of this entry is, with the exception of my mom, we have all been quilters for the past five generations....The catch is, my mom was not in the direct line. She married into it.

You saw Great Grandma Mary's Double Wedding Ring. Then came my Grandma Daisy. She was a get things done kind of lady. She pieced by hand and then tied the blocks. She is the one that taught me to piece. Unfortunately, non of hers survived. They were well used.

As I said, it skipped a generation. When it came to me, I did quilts off and on for many years. I probably started the piecing part when I was about 10. Notice that I didn't say that I finished any at that age.

Some of the ones that I made went the way of Grandma Daisy's. Well loved and well used. Some baby quilts were given away as gifts.

I tore my hair out looking for a lap quilt a year or so ago. I couldn't find it anywhere.....The borrower struck once more....April absconded with it without telling me. Now I know....

The Octagon Paper pieced one that Tessie is sitting on in this photo is one that is about 1/4 done. I had big plans for king sized.

Today April suggested that maybe the six year old should turn it into a lap quilt....I am not sure that I trust her. If I make it a lap quilt, will I get to keep it?

At the other end of the spectrum are the other mini quilts . This one is a cheater and matches Tessie's Christmas apron.

This is the quilt that April is presently working on. She must be getting old. She has to have Tessie thread the needles for her...

I particularly like this one. It is all 30s reproduction fabric. Very soft colors, but not quite pastels.

April is definitely carrying on the family tradition.

See you tomorrow.

PS. I have had several people send me copies of the missing entry of two days ago. Thank you all for the help! Now I will at least have a copy of the original. I do wish that there was a way to put it in the correct order in the blog. Oh well. At least it is there. Thanks!


Merri said...

How wonderful that you are quilters! I still have a pink and white double wedding ring quilt my grandmother made. It's fragile, but a treasure. Tessie could probably hire herself out as a needle threader..there's a boatload of people I know who can't see to thread those *&%$##* needles!

Lucille said...

Darling Tessie! Is there anything that little sweetheart cannot do? Now, she's become a needle threader. Go Tessie! Go girl!

Browny said...

lovely quilt bet it took a bit longer to make in 1:1 scale :)

Judith said...

Your quilt is beautiful and it's wonderful how long these old quilts can last isn't it - even when they're in constant use. Lovely! By the way, does Tessie travel? I think I could do with a Tessie to thread my needles.
Judith x

Mary said...

I really like those soft but not quite pastel colors, so pretty.