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Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh! The Excitement!!!

She told me that she would be a perfect angel if I worked on her townhouse.....You know how Tessie is. She left out the disclaimer. Perfect angel as long as I worked on the townhouse. Not a minute more....

By now I should be used to the quirks involved, living with Tessie.

But, no. I agreed to it without thinking and started on the closet, once again.

We worked out a charcoal gray and white color scheme the last time we worked on it. I painted the shelves in that combination a month or so ago.....It's been a while.

I dug out a piece of embossed wallpaper sample that looked like corded material. I painted it charcoal. It looked pretty good.

While the paint was drying, Tessie started pestering me about what she was going to put in the closet. The other day Kathi made a comment about poor Tessie not having any shoes. She has them, but she hides them so that she won't be obligated to wear them....I find them in the strangest places all over the house. I once found a pair of snow boots in the freezer section of the refrigerator.....Don't ask. I don't know how they got there. They were stuck to a bag of ice. I imagine the story went something like, "I was practicing for when I climb Mt Everest....."

Anyway, I went looking for some of her shoes to put in the closet and not one pair was to be found! She is getting better at hiding them.

I dug out my old pattern for shoes. Here it is if you want to enlarge it and make some. The sole should be about 3/4" long. Nine inches is a good size for a woman's shoe. The lines on the index card are 1/4" apart. That's a good thing to remember when you lose your ruler, like I do.

Enlarge the photo and the instructions are right on it. BTW, the upper pieces can be cut from thin glove leather if you have any.*
I usually use thorns from our Mesquite tree for my heels. I realize that these aren't available most places, but while I was hunting for shoes, I happened on these Tiny Turnings pieces. Most mini shops carry them and I can see both long and short heels being cut from sections of these. With a bit of sanding, I think that they would work.

I got as far as hanging wallpaper on the back wall, painting the lamp partially black to match the bed and laying the floor in to see how it would look.

I turned my back to get the other wall piece, where the door will go, and when I turned back around, this is what I found.

Tessie, couldn't stand it. The shelf was in place, with things being stuffed into it. Her apron and nightgown were hanging from the light fixture. Hats were starting to collect atop the shelf unit.

I am quietly taking a break now. It will be a while until she discovers that I am not working. Perfect angel, my left foot!

See you tomorrow.


Kelli said...

Tell Tessie I think it looks great! Oh, and those tiny turnings(which I unfortunately don't have anywhere here) look perfect for a central support on a spiral staircase... were Tessie to ever decide she wanted something like that. Can't see it happening though, she wouldn't be able to slide down the banister so easily! lol

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

Wow! Love the shoe pattern. I'm going to try to make polymer clay heels. Thank you! So excited to try something new!
Enjoy your weekend!

Merri said...

LOL you must be a mind-reader, Casey! I've been looking for a suitable pattern for shoes! As for measuring, I'll just copy them on a piece of card stock just like you have's easy to eyeball.

Shhh..nobody tell Tessie that Casey is sitting still.