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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A New Pin Board...

Today is about tool making, instead of mini making. The pin board that I use for making pleated bed skirts, dressing table skirts, and regular draperies, is all important.

My old one was getting a bit worse for wear. I think that I have been using that one for about 6 or 7 years. Maybe even more.

I have tried other materials for pin boards and they simply don't work as well as ceiling tile.

Styrofoam and foam core are really bad. They don't hold the pins as taunt as they need to be to make good pleats, so don't bother to try. You will just be frustrated and wonder why it isn't working.

This is a photo of the stuff that I am using. You can usually find it at home improvement stores and larger hardware stores that carry building materials. As I said yesterday, if you buy one sheet you will have a lot of stock for various uses.

For the new pin board, I cut a piece that was 12" by 18". I wanted it long enough to be able to pleat a piece to go around two long sides and one short side of a bed.

The mini beds that I make are 4 1/2" by 6". The pre made beds may vary and you will have to measure as you go.

In the case of the brass bed, I will be cutting three pieces to fit the two long sides and one short end. I will still pleat the strip all in one continuous piece. Then I will cut them to fit with a bit left on each end to turn under a hem on the sides.

After the board was cut to size, I took four pieces of 1/4" graph paper and covered the board. I carefully lined up all of the squares. Then I fastened the sheets down with transparent tape.

Next I covered this with waxed paper. You can still see all of the lines, but this protects your fabric whilst you are spraying it with hairspray. The hairspray will cause the lines to run a bit, but it won't leak through to the fabric .

I plan to go through the different steps of different types of pleating next. Hang in there. You will probably get sick of pin boards before I am done.

I have the feeling that I am going to have to take a "dress Tessie break" soon though. She got up from inspecting the new board and I noticed that she has dried gesso all over the hem of her dress. Just look at her!

Her only comment was, "See? I have proof that I work!" For some reason, I have a slight suspicion that the messy skirt was deliberate. She keeps making comments about missing her aprons. Maybe I can get to that this afternoon....Do you think that she would be really annoyed if I just washed the dress and got it out? I don't thing that would do at all.

When she gets it into her head that she wants new, washed just isn't going to do the trick. Back to the sewing room.

See you tomorrow....


Dale Fluty said...

I'm really excited to read about your pinning method. I have always used the blue, extruded, foam insulation for pinning and I want to see how this works. :-) Can't wait for the next installment. HOpe you got her dress all cleaned up.

Lucille said...

Casey, this is very helpful information. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the rest of the teaching. Good luck with Tessie's new outfit. I always look forward to seeing your new "Tessie Creations".

Tabitha Corsica said...

I too have found ceiling tiles to be the best...after a hint from Louise Hedricks when I took a class from her years ago. One ceiling tile made a pin board and a cushioned press board for me AND my a little left over. Oddly enough, it really does hold the pins much more securely, at any angle, than anything else I've tried.

Tessie needs an apron for her apron...

dale's dreams said...

You are just a fountain of information Casey, thank you for that. :)

I could supply all of blogland with all of our drop ceilings. lol

I think Tessie needs a new dress (runs!)

Caseymini said...

Dale, please don't tear out your ceiling!LOL A new piece is really not expensive and if you need to, maybe you could split it with a friend. Tessie is just going to have to wait for a couple of days for the new dress and apron. Don't tell her, please?

Caseymini said...

Tabitha, I first learned about the ceiling tile, way back in 1983. I took a bed class from Judee Williamson.

I have experimented with other methods, but always end up back with this method. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best. I am happy to hear that someone else likes it too. If any of you saw this with lots of typos in it earlier, I am sorry about that....I tried answering on the iPad...It doesn't play well with others.LOL All fixed now.

dale's dreams said...

Oh, I loathe the drop ceilings, I don't mind. Truly I don't. :)

(And perhaps some new aprons... giggles)

Not telling yet, I'm still offering the ceiling tiles, though, I agree with you, a new one would be far nicer to start with. :)

Deni said...

we keep you busy dont we Casey, all coming in here to see what you have done today! lol
I think you should make some more Tessie's well some of her sisters so we can buy one from you.... then we might all get into doing more!lol
She seems to get ya going!!! I need something to do that for me for sure!lol!

Merri said...

Oh goodie! I've been looking for a tut for this too! I'll go buy my ceiling board today, hehe!

Yes, I suppose you are doomed to make more Tessieclothing. Good thing her name isn't Imelda Marcos..if she wore shoes you'd really have a time of it..all those tiny bows and heels, ack.

Thanks in advance for the tut, Casey!