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Monday, March 21, 2011

Flinging Spring!

It's that time of year again.....for the past five years, Greenleaf Dollhouses has had an annual "Spring Fling"contest with a specially designed kit as a base.

This morning, they introduced this year's kit, or should I say kits? This one is the best one yet.

First of all, it is laser cut.(no splinters or sanding) And as I said, "kits". This introduces a lot of possibilities.

As the web page explains, you can start with just the basic building or you can do it with several additions. There are wings for both sides, in two styles. There are outside stairs and railings. There are dormers and cupolas. They seem to have added everything to the "tricked out" version.

For those who are curious, here is the inside view. The dimensions are quite manageable You can make it as small or as large as you like.

I will send you to the website and you can sit and dream for an hour or two about what could be done with this building. I have several ideas floating around my brain already. Of course, I start imagining every year as soon as the kits are released. Sometimes I buy one. So far, I have never entered the contest.....The six year old can never stick with the one project long enough to get it done before the deadline. The Russian cottage is one from a couple of years ago.

This year I want to at least order a couple of the kits. I have been wanting to try a laser cut kit. This is a great way to see if I like them.

In answer to your next question. No, I don't work for Greenleaf and am not being compensated for this. I just think that the kit is a good deal for anybody, even if they aren't entering the contest. Did I mention that the first prize is a $500.00 shopping spree at Greenleaf? And there are other prizes.

Tessie saw what I was looking at and got really excited about it...."Oh! You can add and add and add things to it. Can we get a bunch?"

As usual she can't stop with just one.

I do think that the tricked out one is a bit much, but they just wanted to show everything at once.

I went through and looked at everything and then went back to finishing the wicker pieces that I want to send out tomorrow.

I have been looking in on Tessie every once in a while.....She now has a list a mile and a half long. I think that she again has delusions of grandeur.....

For once, I can see how that would happen. The possibilities are endless.

Go look and dream.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I guess Tessie and I have something in common which is making lists a mile and a half long. It's a cute kit. Of course, I would love for you to buy it and build it. So, what are your plans? Would it not be fun, though? Just think how happy Tessie would be. Zar could help, of course! Pretty please, Casey!

Daisy said...

I love this kit too although the tricked out version does look a little like it was designed by 3 different architects! Did you notice that the deadline was extended? Maybe you can enter this year after all!

Merri said...

LOL actually this kit looks like it's made to order as a Tessihouse, Casey ;) It really is adorable, and I'd love to see you do it. Actually a series of the main kit plus some of the additions would make an extraordinary set of shop-fronts. Does Bloglandia have a 'stripmall'?

You might dose Tessie with a soothing draught to calm her down, she's going to raise her blood pressure drooling over this set of kits.

Kathi said...

Oh I do hope you decide to build this! I wonder if the outside staircase part is available separately? Guess I'll have to go look.

Katie said...

Casey! Stop trying to distract us! Don't you know we have other projects to be working on.... lol....

Dale Fluty said...

I think the tricked-out kit is a lot of fun. I like all the different styles in one package. To me it immediately said...small town train station. You know the kind, lonely old building not used anymore since the highway was built nearby. Could be fun! Thanks for sharing because I hadn't heard about this.

*lami* said...

That was an expensive post for me to read :D I was so delighted the way it may look in the end, that I ordered it immediatly :D It'll be my first dollhouse kit, so I'm quite excited, if it's easy to build or not cause all my other dollhouses are built by myself.
Nice blog by the way ;)
Greets, Pia