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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Autumn Leaves....In Spring???

You would think that here in Arizona, we wouldn't have the problem of seasonal leaves falling off the trees. And we shouldn't have to rake leaves...Especially in spring. Usually we don't. At least not like this year.

Remember that last hard frost we had? The hardest in over 100 years! I have been out in the front yard all morning raking. Walter did it a couple of day also. Between the two of us, we have eight large lawn and leaf bags full.....So far.

The problem? The leaves are about the size of a fingernail clipping and each and every one of them fell off of the tree. There is about a 4 or 5 inch layer all over the yard. Yes. It is a very big tree. Yes. There are millions of leaves. Yes.....We still have a lot more to go.

Whilst I was raking, the terrible two actually volunteered to help. Zar is almost finished with the wicker part of the bassinet...Sabiha, if you are reading this, I need to know if you want boy colors, girl colors or something neutral, so that I can send you some photos of fabric.

After Zar is done with his part, I will have to go to work on the fabric parts....He refuses to learn to sew. Not manly enough for him to do.

Now Claudia, about the chair. You tried to get Tessie working with flattery this morning in the comments for yesterday's entry....It worked pretty well....Up to a point. As you can see, there is more done on the chair. However....She got on her high horse and is refusing to let me photograph it. Just as Kim's chair is a surprise, so is this one. That is, it will be if I can get her out of it to finish it and send it.

Right now, she is sitting in it and daydreaming about her new mini house. Wait a minute. Did anybody actually hear me say that she could have it? I absolutely don't remember saying that.

Anyway, I am going to go put the two of them to work and then I am going to go slump and watch Poldark on Netflix.

See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

Tell Tesie if she could make all those leaves disappear, You might be able to get some work done:)

Kathi said...

Great job on the leaves! I'm sitting here looking at MY yard and wishing Tessie would zap the leaves away and mow the grass!
The wicker is looking so good! You've taken on quite a BIG project with these things! I know Claudia and Sabitha are going to LOVE them!
Enjoy your rest. You deserve it!

Claudia said...

I going to have to believe that Tessie means well - she just wants to keep the rest of it a surprise.

Can't wait. I am totally with you on the leaves. I still have many to rake up in my spring clean-up. They are in the flower beds and in the back forty. There's only so much raking one can do in the Autumn!


Merri said...

If the leaves are so teeny, couldn't you just hide them among some mulch? Oh wait, you probably don't use the bark mulch we have here in the Northeast.

Your fingers have GOT to be sore from all that weaving. I'm sure those prize wicker pieces are going to become their new owners' most treasured dollhouse heirlooms. I know I would feel so. Oh, and I heard nothing about the little house being Tessie's. Perhaps if you made it 'disappear' a while she'd help with the wicker. And to make it disappear you'd probably have to put it on you somewhere, and even sleep with it, LOL. Just a thought...

MiniKat said...

I think Tessie slipped a potion into your morning coffee. ;-)

Jollie said...

That's A LOT of leaves... and when they are so tiny not the most fun job to do!
I hope you finish soon and can get further on with the bassinet and the chair... so far they look very pretty!!!

Hugs, Jollie