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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What You See Is What You Get.......

This morning when I got up, the thermometer read....Drum roll please...... 18 degrees! We beat the record set over 100 years 1910. Then it only went down to 21 degrees.

There were warnings on the news against getting frostbite and hypothermia. We desert rats are just not used to this kind of goings on! Where is global warming when you need it? I am freezing and the temperature at 10:30 is 24 degrees! Ick!!!

Anyway, I am taking the advice of the weather man. I am staying inside for the duration. It is supposed to be this way for the rest of the week.
It seems to me that this is a good week to catch up on house cleaning.

Unfortunately, I said that to Tessie.....She agreed....What's wrong with that? She thought I meant her house, not mine. It was pitiful the way she begged me to work on her house.

I finally said that I would see what I could do. I set up the iPad on the roof and went to work. With Veronica Mars playing full blast, it wasn't bad.

I started with the upper stories and worked down. The third floor just needed straightening a bit so I left Tessie to do that. I went down to the second, where the hall, closet and bedroom are located. I decided it was time to finish the hall and close it in. That's what I meant by the title.

The only place that anybody is going to get to see the hallway at all is through the front window. So.....What you see is what I did. Please don't tell Tessie. She never uses the stairs anyway. That particular part of the house is just plain utilitarian.

She inspected it and gave it a thumbs up. so.....It is now closed off from the closet.

There is going to be plenty of room in the closet. I even tried the double doors. They are going to work well.

The bedroom is going to be large enough that I will be able to do something in the bay area like a couple of chairs and a table. I always thought that window seats were cool until I tried sitting on them. They are never very comfortable. Tessie agrees. She is all about comfort over cute.

The pink barrel chair keeps worming it's way back into the the house. I am still trying to get it to leave. Stubborn chair!

After I got everything, tools and leftover Christmas decorations, out of the living room, Tessie dragged back the chairs and table for the kitchen. She gave me strict orders not to touch them. "I, at the very least, need a place to eat." was her only explanation. I think it was a reference to the fact that she doesn't have a place to sleep yet.

OK. I was supposed to be working on the Russian Cottage. Moods change and Tessie scares me. She squinted her eyes, wrinkled her brow and growled in a low voice...."I was here first......". Never mind that, actually Zar was first in line with the Clockwork Cottage. I am not even going to think of challenging her statement.

I am just going quietly back to work.....Now where did I put that bed? Has anybody seen a brass four poster laying around here? I am off to search.

See you tomorrow.


Kim said...

oh my goodness Casey- stay warm! You are not much warmer than Minnesota today! I hope the warm air finds it way back to you again soon.

MiniKat said...

You're still warmer than we are... I'm staying inside too with a roaring fire and my stitching. I have yet to start my chair. When I do you'll be the first I send pics too.

Caseymini said...

Not much warmer Kat....We now have NO gas and that means no heat or hot water. They sent Walter home from work because they don't have either gas or water there. They couldn't even flush toilets. They expect the teen temps again tonight. Wish us luck! We are going to need it.

Lainie said...

We got down to 27 today! That's way too cold for me. The weather has been teasing us with snow all day, but it's dry here so far. Now they're saying it's gonna start happening at midnight.
Love what you did with the house! I like the closet a lot!

Claudia said...

That is awfully cold for your neck of the woods, my goodness! The weather this year is crazy - everywhere! Stay warm.