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Friday, February 25, 2011

Weaving a New Room.....

I have a ways to go on the weaver's room, but I wanted to show you how it was going so far.

I put in all of the wood trim, the window and the door this morning. I just used plain strip wood, from the mini shop for the rafters and other trim.

Here's a photo of the last rafter, ready for placement. I always use the dot method for long strips of wood. There is much less chance for warping this way.

As soon as I got the loom in place, Tessie zapped in the two pieces of furniture that I found at Dollar Tree last week.

We are only using them to see how much furniture and how big the furniture should be.

I am thinking that it needs a few shelves on the back wall and maybe a settee where the dresser is now.

Tessie is trying out the loom. I am not sure that it is not a bit undersized. Not being familiar with this type of loom, I am wondering if the beam across the frame shouldn't be higher. She is short and she can't sit upright on the bench. It seems to me that it would be uncomfortable after a while. I could be wrong.....

Tessie got her niddy noddy this morning. I carved the ends out of some of the leftover trim wood and used a chair spindle for the cross piece. It works!

She already used it to wrap a ball of yarn. It looks like she has a way to go.....All of the alpaca fleece in the basket still needs to be carded and spun. This could take a while.

I am thinking of doing a bit of weaving to hang on the walls on one of my beading looms. If Tessie can't sit upright under that bar, I know I won't fit! I think that the beading loom might be a good substitute.

I will let you know tomorrow if the beading loom works.

See you then with a full report.


Kathi said...

Thanks for the reminder about using dots of glue on wall trim.
I'm getting ready to do some in the garage. :D
Your little room is really nifty.
Love the loom!

Jollie said...

Tessie's nitty noddy room is wonderful, she is such a spoiled little brad ;)
Love the basket with the wool...

Hugs, Jollie

Mindy Max said...

Tessie's loom is amazing! Tessie is going to love her new room! : )

Katie said...

Hi Casey! Thank-you so much for suggesting Picasa! So far it's working quite easily! And it found all of my other pictures on the computer:)!!! Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

I really like the colors of wool Tessie has in her basket! Very Earthy!