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Monday, February 7, 2011

This, That, and the Other Thing......

(This)She's baaacck! I found Tessie hiding in the bathroom this morning. She was playing explorer in the potted snake plant.

I immediately reprimanded her for spying. She immediately disappeared.

I started cleaning the bathroom and she reappeared, knocked a few pieces of jewelry off of my jewelry tree and perched in the branches. She keeps fingering my treasure necklace. There are a lot of possibilities on it for miniatures.....I will have to hide the pliers or she will help herself.

(That) I forgot to show you the new landscaping possibilities that I found at Walmart the other morning. I thought that the "moss covered rocks" that Tessie is holding, could be used in landscaping. They are actually Styrofoam and would be easy to cut. The other box is filled with tiny polished rocks. How about a gravel pathway or even a mosaic table top? I am going to be keeping the greenery in the box until I am ready to use it.....Spike has his eyes on those...We all know what dogs do to shrubbery....

(The Other Thing)I did manage to get another coat of paint on the closet shelves and door this morning....Tessie's only comment? Big yawn and then, "Boring......"

(Just one more thing)...I added a free app to my iPad yesterday. I liked it so much that I wanted to share. Even if you don't have an iPad, the same people have a website of the same thing....The site is called houzz I am taking you straight to the photo page, but do look around at the other things. On the photo page there are, as of this morning, 92,007 photos of interiors and exteriors of beautiful homes. On the left side of the page you can filter by style and space that you want to look at. They show pages of thumbnails and you can enlarge each photo to see it in more detail by clicking on the one that you want.

Make sure that you have a cup of coffee and a snack before you start looking at this site! You can even make yourself a file of the rooms that you like best.

I am trying hard not to mess with houzz today. I have lots of other things to do, since we have our gas back as of Saturday. It's time for catch up.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Lovely little polished pebbles! I guess another trip to WalMart might have to happen.
I get Houzz updates in my email. That is a terrific site for ideas!
I agree that one needs a cup of coffee (and a trip to the bathroom) before going over there to visit!

MiniKat said...

Intriguing little rocks Casey. Did Tessie ever let on to where she was hiding?

I'm almost done with the "masonry" on the porch scene. Thanks to you I actually had a clue as to what to do. Hopefully I can start my chair attempts soon.

Minka's Studio said...

That's a great link!

Debbie said...

Casey, that plant that Tessie was hiding in we call Mother-In-Laws tongue. Love those little green boulder's, reminded me of Cloud topiary. x