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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Am Floored Again!!!

This morning I got up and plastered all of the walls and ceiling in the weaver's room. I used a bottle of gesso that I purposely left open to thicken it. I pounced it on the surfaces with a very stiff stencil brush. The walls still have to be painted, but I won't be able to do that until tomorrow, when the gesso is thoroughly dry.

So to keep busy, I did the floor. I wanted it to be the same as in the colonial kitchen. That's slate.

I cut a piece of illustration board the exact size of the room interior. Then I painted it on both sides with charcoal Ceramcoat acrylic. I scrubbed it on in every direction and wasn't careful about coverage. As y0u can see, Tessie came up with the brilliant idea of using water bottles down the length of the bowed center. That works better than books, because there is more uncovered surface and it dries much faster that way.

Next I started at one front corner and cut, at random, pieces of slate paper and glued them down, one piece at a time. I cut as I went and fitted each piece into the ones before.
Here you can see some of the pieces glued in place and the sheet of slate paper that I am cutting from next to it. It takes a while doing it this way, but it is worth the trouble.

Here's the floor all glued down. After I do that I go over all of the grout lines with a ball stylus....In this case, the ball stylus ran away and hid when it heard I was coming, so I used a poor knitting needle instead. Hey! It worked!

When that was finished, I got out the Prismacolor pencils to shade with various colors. I used grey in all of the grout lines and about 10 different colors lightly rubbed over the slate itself.

Unfortunately, it doesn't show up well in the photo, but it is worth the effort. It gives more depth to the stones.

I slid it into the room box to fit and Tessie zapped the loom in place to see how it looked.

We both approve. Now I have to go back to cutting the beams for the ceiling and other trim.

First I will have to pull Tessie out of there. I think that she is excited about this. I haven't heard a word about the townhouse for a couple of days now. She is pretty good at weaving and will love having a workshop.

She is, however, still nagging anybody that will listen to go vote for her. She has completely taken over. I am not going to get in her way. I really don't like getting poked with her sign while I am typing.

I have tried to tell her that people can't see her carrying the sign through the computer. She is bound and determined that they can. Please keep voting. I appreciate every vote that comes our way. You are great! Thanks so much for the support!

See you tomorrow for the blog's third anniversary! 1251 entries and counting........


Claudia said...

I love the look of the slate floor, Casey! I learn so much from you.


Lucille said...

Thanks for the floor tutorial, Casey. The floor looks fantastic. Could you tell us what you're going to use for the beams. Can't wait for the grand finale!

Nicole said...

Great floor, Casey! I voted for you as my favourite finalist on! Looks like you have good chances to win :-)

Bx said...

Happy anniversary for tomorrow. And many happy returns, too.

Caseymini said...

Lucille, I won't know what I am using for beams until I get to that part. Nothing picked out so far. On the kitchen, I used the wooden blinds, but I am now officially out of those....

Kelly said...

I am voting for Tessie!!!

Kathi said...

Great slate!
I can't believe you've "only" been blogging for three years! Maybe it's the 1251 posts that makes it seem longer? :D I love every one.
Congratulations on your anniversary AND keeping the lead in the contest! Tell Tessie to keep it up with her sign! It seems to be working!

Merri said...

Woot! Tomorrow your blog is three years old! How wonderful that you are so popular, and have such a loyal following! You are way ahead in the voting, because your blog is one of the best I've ever read! You should be so proud. Try not to let it all go to Tessie's head tho..she'll be unbearable, probably insist you make her a crown or something, LOL. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EARLY, Casey!

Heather said...

The slate floor is lovely. You make things look so easy. I saw that you are a finalist at Congrats!!

Kelli said...

Many mini congrats on the 3 yr anniversary! I have also been voting for you on the poll, for reasons such as your slate floor tutorial post today. You inspire ingenuity in others, and don't hoard your knowledge like a miser! Love your blog Casey, and glad I clicked on the link from the GL forum. :)

Kathi said...

Back to your tutorials! Where did you find the "slate" paper? Does it come in different colors?

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I have been looking for that paper for years. I bought it over 20 years ago and the art store where I purchased it went out of business. I have even looked all over the net. I have a feeling that it is no longer made. It came in charcoal, terracotta and forrest green. They were huge sheets.Maybe 2'by3'.

If you find anything like it, please yell loud! I will come running!