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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Good and the Bad and Really, Really Ugly...

I found a package of socks at Walmart this morning that I thought would make nice sweaters, if they were thin enough.....Well, I tried.

There were three pair and only one had a "fair isle" pattern on the cuff.

I decided to play with the plain gray ones first, jus to see if they would work.

A gray sweater for Zar seemed to be a good start.

I did the usual... Hem of sock makes hem of sweater. Then I cut it long enough to go over the shoulders and fit around Zar with an allowance for overlap and front facing. I cut two slits for the sleeves to fit in and turned all of the edges back. Then I cut tubes to fit the arms and arched the top. This gets slid into the sleeve and glued in place. The only problem is....The sock is way too thick. So....This turned out to be the bad and ugly.

Meanwhile, Tessie made plans for the fair isle sock. It has a lot of puce(purple), Tessie's favorite color. Sometimes.

Since we established that the knit was too heavy for sweaters, she decided that a cape would be nice....She kept asking, "Why didn't you find this last week when I really needed something warm to wear?" and then, "Only now, you find something to keep me cozy?"

I took the top of the sock off and again used the top of the sock as the hem of the garment. I hemmed the other three sides with glue and cut slits for her arms and hemmed them with glue also.

The last step was to run a piece of waxed linen cord through the neck with a needle. Instant(almost) cape.

I rather like the cape, but that sweater is going in the trash bin as soon as I finish typing.

(Long pause)

I couldn't wait that long. I just went and threw it out. Zar didn't object. He just heaved a heavy sigh and said, "Thank goodness for small favors!"

Now he is demanding new clothes. He says it's not nice to torture him with an ugly jacket and then just leave him in the clothes that he stands up in....Slightly melodramatic, but true.

The trouble is, if Zar gets new clothes, guess who else is going to start lobbying for her fair share....? I will give you three guesses and the first two don't count!

See you tomorrow....Probably with needle in hand.


DollZandThingZ said...

I like the cape, too..but those little feet look cold. I am sure that Tessie enjoys being barefoot, though. It suits her!

Lucille said...

Cute little cape. Tessie looks gorgeous in it. I suppose she knows! I thought Zar's sweater was nice. He looked so comfy in it.

Kathi said...

Oh please go grab that sweater out of the trash right now!!! I think it looks great and Tessie's cape is perfect!
I agree. Tessie needs some socks and shoes. I can't believe she hasn't be pestering you for socks since you make so many!

Lataina said...

Aw, Casey was the sweater really that bad? I thought it was cute. =) Maybe I'm missing something in the I love Tessie's cape!

Caseymini said...

Nope. The sweater was really awful in person. Way, way, way too thick! I will go find a lighter weight sock. I may even have some around here. If I do, I will do a tutorial with more detail.

Caseymini said...

As for Tessie and shoes, they don't go together. She is just like me in that respect. Our motto is "Never cover your toes." You can't wiggle them if you do! And hush about the socks. I have a pattern hidden deep somewhere around here....I don't ever want to find it. Never!

Merri said...

LOL! Just remember: You started it!

I rather liked Zar's sweater, too!

Have another witch put a spell on Tessie so she'll like shoes and socks, LOL. She's going to have soles like a rhino.

Merri said...

Remember, you started it!

I liked Tessie's sweater too!

miniacollection said...

I love the cape. What a very good idea!

Peikko said...

I have never thought of making sweaters out of socks but now I know what to with mine! I have a few pairs of socks that "don't stretch" anymore. You know, the thing that happens to socks when you wash them too warm too often... But they had so nice patterns so I could not just throw them away. Thanks for this great idea!