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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!

It was a dark and stormy night....When I looked out the window about a quarter to five, it was still dark and strange white stuff was coming down from the sky.

I seem to recall from a winters past, long ago, that this must be snow.

The mesquite tree in front of our house has nary a leaf on it, after the cold snap, but now it looks beautiful anyway.

My workroom is the window to the right of the mesquite. If I work in there today I will get to see snow in the front yard.

I realize that, for you that live back in the part of the country that has an actual winter, that this is no big deal. This is the most snow we have had in years. Most years we don't get any. The only snow we usually see is up on Mount Lemon. That is the north border of Tucson and believe it or not, there is an actual ski run up there that opens every winter whenever they get snow.

This is the poor prickly pear by our front driveway. I imagine that he is not terribly happy, having a snowy frosting.

The back yard got it the worst. It is closed in and protected from the winds. If the snow gets in, it can't get back out.

The birds are definitely not happy campers. I saw a dove land and leave exactly 9 little birdy footprints in the snow. Then he flew over to the un-snowy spot below the Hackberry bush at the right of the picture. They aren't giving up though. Most of the snow is off of the top of the bird block now...Not melted. Pecked away to get to the seeds.

Anyway, I just thought that you might like proof that we have winter here in AZ too. I have to go break the ice on the bird's water bowls now.

I will be back later with the regular edition. The rug is almost finished.

See you later!


Chelle said...

Very pretty but not practical!

Peikko said...

Wow, it looks like here by us when the first snow falls down in september - october! We have a little more at the moment though ;)

Anonymous said...

Who would ever believe that you would get snow. This year has really been off the wall as far as snow goes. We have had more than we ever did before. I look so forward to the end of it all. What does Tessie think of the snow?

MiniKat said...

Wow. Looks like our backyard, minus the cacti. If you keep getting these weird winters you might see about finding a heated dog bowl for the birds. They can be less expensive than heated bird baths.

I hope the prickly pear survives the ordeal. They are my favorite type of cactus.

Susanne said...

Wow, it almost looks like Denmark right now, ececpt from the vegetation, though..enjoy ;-)
And thanks for you nice comment on my blog!
Love, Susanne

Caseymini said...

Doreen, Tessie slept through the snow. It's all gone now.

Kat, those prickly pear are tough. That one survived the three days of 26 degree nights.

Peikko, the difference is....We won't get any more for another five years or so! Thank goodness!LOL

Katie said...

The tree Is beautiful! I love seeing what that snow does! It's a beauty all on its own!

Susan said...

Winter is giving you a vicious kick in the seat as it exits, just as summer is doing the same to us Downunder. The snow looks pretty! Oh, how I hate summer.....

Christine said...

Oh my, that is amazing! Coming from another warm climate I can appreciate the wonder of it.

Christine said...

addit: I think prickly pear might be a noxious weed around here. It is funny seeing it in someone's garden. :-)

Claudia said...

Wow, Casey! Snow! Who would have thought?