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Monday, January 31, 2011

Travelin' With Tessie........

"Well! You can't expect me to grab onto the strap of you purse and hang on when I want to go somewhere! You won't work on my travel trailer. The least you could do is provide me with somewhere comfortable to be when I want to tag along."

That was Tessie this morning. She disappeared after that little speech.

The next thing I knew, she had gathered supplies for what she considered a new mode of transportation.

There was one of the magnetic storage boxes from Michael's, one of the bamboo place mats, an old unused window and some foam core.

"Here's the plan! First you cut a hole in the bottom of the box and it becomes the side. We will put a window there, so that I can see where we are going. I am NOT flying blind!"

She had put quite a bit of thought into this project....I decided to take over. It would be faster than trying to side step her plan.

Next we cut a piece of foam core to fit around the window. It's thicker than the wall. I simply cut it to size, slid it into the box and traced around the window hole from outside.

Then I cut bamboo strips to the width of the box and glued them in for flooring. They will have to be sanded. They are a bit rounded on top, unlike the ones that I used to get. Then I will stain them.

I will need to do wall paper and curtains or a valance and flat trim around the edge of the window. I will probably do that with the bamboo too.

Then I will run baseboard around the bottom edges and put some kind of handle on the outside.

Not too bad for a fast project. By tomorrow, it should be finished.

Tessie is in the workroom looking for a chair with a seat belt now.....Yes, I said seat belt. She doesn't trust my driving. I think that she is going to have to improvise on that one.

She also announced that she will have to have someplace to put her beverages, snacks and maybe a few books......She does like traveling in comfort.....

This is getting more complicated by the minute. She wanted to call it the "Tardis". I talked her out of that. I told her that Doctor Who has a copyright on that one....Now she is referring to it as the "Magic Box". She explained it with, "You see, I get into the box, and it takes me where I want to go"......Dream on Tessie.....
I am going to have to go now. She needs to be restrained.....

See you tomorrow.


Janice said...

Ah, that sounds like my sort of travelling

Merri said...

LOl you should have let Tessie ride on your shoulder, like a conscience..and then you could wear a sweatshirt with an arrow pointing to that shoulder, that said "Nag, nag, nag", heehee!

Looks like Tessie's riding in style, now.