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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Throwing Rocks.....

This is one place that it wouldn't be wise to start doing that. We had a great Mexican food lunch at our favorite place, Micha's and then hit Tucson Electric Park(baseball field for the Toros) for the first day of the gem show.

This is only one of many sites all over Tucson, but it has become the one that we always seem to like best for the first day.

Here goes with the photos..See the big wooden boxes at the right of this photo? Each one holds just one amethyst formation. This is how they are shipped in, by the hundreds.

This is just a small portion of what is displayed here. Multiply that by many times with all of the other sites that sell them during the next couple of weeks. I left the people in the edge of the photo for scale. These are not the only gems that they sell in these kind of geode formations. These are just how they come out of the ground.

Other minerals come in raw, by the crate and barrel, literally.

Some people sell by the piece and others sell by the pound.

This is one of four loosely staggered aisles of tents on the grounds,behind four larger tents at the front of the park. Way at the back of the photo you can see one of the big tents.

It's not only raw gems and minerals. Here we have a couple of carved lions for your front lawn. Want to buy a blue boulder? That's the natural color of the rocks.

Speaking of natural colors.... There were tables like this one scattered all over. This one was about 30 feet long!

Here they were selling huge pieces of petrified wood and that big blue thing is another gem stone of some kind!

For today, I will leave you with the Buddha that was for sale at one of the tents.

They not only sell rocks, they sell sculptures, lots of jewelry from all over the world and you can even get all kinds of exotic food if you get hungry.

It's definitely like no other place in the world for two weeks or so.

I will show you more tomorrow. Did I tell you that the bead shows start on Wednesday? I didn't buy anything today, but I am making no promises not to spend money when those open!

See you tomorrow.


Alison said...

Wowww. Wish I could have been there. Thanks for the great photos!

Kathi said...

Do you see my mouth hanging open?
I hope not, but that's exactly what I did looking at these photos!

These rocks rock! Love the blue and green ones. Do they sell sliced rocks too? WOW.

Thanks for sharing your day!

Merri said...

Oh don't see such things here in our backwater town. What a wonderful day you had! I am soooo jealous lol!

Jean Tuthill said...

Wow! Those gems are amazing! The pictures are great, too.

Lataina said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing, Casey! =)

Sans! said...

This is the 1st gem fair I have ever come across. I didn't think they sell gems like this, in the open, by the crates and barrels. It's almost like a huge yard sale of gems and precious stones?!


That bead fair will probably break my bank!

klara said...

Woh very impresive, never seen something like it

Claudia said...

Wow. Just amazing!


A Little More Minis said...

Very impressive and what a giant show... amazing!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo's Casey :0