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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Now Stop That!!!

"OK. You can do one thing on the cottage and then you have to work on my project." That was Tessie, at seven this morning.

I decided to finish the roof on the stove extension for the Russian cottage. It was just a vast hole before I started.

I dug through the Clockwork cottage drawer and found a "wall" that I knew that I wasn't using.....Amazing. It was exactly the right size for the roof. I did have to cut off its little ears, that would have fit in the slots in the house. Other than that, I just glued it on the house and started shingling.

About an hour later, Tessie volunteered to pose with it....I think that she was hopeful that it would end there. It didn't.

I then went on to finish the corner trim on the front and sides of the house.

When working with the calendar slats, the ends are usually pretty rough and have to be covered. I did this with strips of 1/16" by 1/4" stock. First I cut and put pieces on the side walls and then fitted the front pieces over those.

Again, when I was finished, Tessie jumped in and posed...Again, she thought that I would change projects....Nope.
I then saw that I had still not painted the brick foundation on three sides. I did the first side all the way to see how it was going to look and then the six year old part of my brain lost interest.

Now it is 10:00 and the foundation is done. I am going to have to go back and repaint some of the walls where I colored outside the lines.

Of course Tessie pointed out all of the spots that needed fixing. She's not too smart sometimes. If she hadn't said anything, I would probably have left the touch up until tomorrow. Now I am obligated to go back with brush in hand and go over all of the messy spots.

After she finished pointing out all of my mess ups with glee, she turned to me and said, "Now can we work on my trailer?

I answered, "Seriously? After three hours at this, I don't even get a break?"

"No! Trailer now!" she yelled.

I looked her straight in the eye and told her, "You're right Tessie. No trailer now." Then I walked away, grabbed a Dr.Pepper and my iPad, and locked her out of the bedroom. I am enjoying some me time....She is not.

I hear pounding and a lot of rattling. Do you suppose that she is building the trailer herself? Oops. My mistake. I think that she is using tools and trying to get the door open.

Please excuse me while I put a chair under the door knob. Let her bang and rattle. I have earphones! Score one for Casey!

See you tomorrow.


jose said...

I like this one fantasticly

rosanna said...

Casey, you must write a book on Tessie's adventures.It would be a hit ! Hugs Rosanna

Lucille said...

Casey, you should build a little prison for Tessie to put her in when she misbehaves. You could threaten bread and water ration. Of course, you would have to catch her before she zaps or zips you with her wand. Just make sure the bars don't rattle!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, if you go back a ways,you will find that already tried that. It didn't work.LOL

Merri said...

If you hurry up and build that trailer, Casey..Tessie might just grab Zar and go on a trip. I'd suggest something far away, like perhaps NYC? The big apple should keep her busy for at least a day or two. Just think...peace and quiet! (I know..what's that? Right?LOL) But you'd miss her. You know you would.

A Little More Minis said...

I can see it happening! And I just had to laugh out loud :)
I recouldnise this from my naughty fairy! Lucille's idea of a cage is not a bad idea! ;)
Don't you have an old bird cage lying arround somehere? lol...
(Guess I have to go back a ways too... I sure will do that!)

Warm hugs, Jollie

Minka's Studio said...

YOu might enjoy this link and book it describes.