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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Am Going to Be a Basket Case......

After much discussion, this morning Tessie and Zar installed a shelf across the front of the room. It spans the entire length of the wall....Just what I needed. A space for more baskets.

I didn't have to do the shelf, but the installation took a a worrisome turn when they propped it up with one of the baskets and another shelf board. Thank goodness they didn't have a place to install that one....Don't you dare tell them that it would fit high on the left hand wall! Hush!

Tessie didn't even wait until the glue was dry to start moving baskets up on the shelf. It is not full and there are holes on all of the other shelves. I begged her to wait. Thank goodness they used Aleene's Quick Drying glue. So far the shelf is holding...Fingers crossed.

This is the sum total of what I produced yesterday. Somebody shoo the squirrel out before he has a basket for lunch. Please?

The top one is a coiled tray basket with open weave in places.

The bottom row is a plain basket bottom. Next is a finished basket with an open weave row on the side and several open weave rows on the top. It is just an art piece. No utilitarian value. Next is the squirrel...After him is a half finished tray basket with two colors of Threadworx overdyed color. You saw the blue feather basket yesterday. And the last one is a partially finished similar to the blue feather one.(Actually, I only did a couple of rows on that one yesterday. It was already started.

I finally found a place for one of my favorite pieces. It is a wall hanging and seems to fit nicely over the top of the shelves on the left side. Hopefully, that will distract Tessie and Zar from putting a shelf on that side. As you can see, there are already holes to fill.

I really think that we have enough shelving to fill. I am now taking away the tools and banishing the two carpenters to the townhouse for the rest of the day.

I am off to Wednesday Witches mini meeting and I really don't want them building while I am away. I could wind up with a whole other room to fill with baskets. No more. Please!

See you tomorrow.


Drora's minimundo said...

I love your baskets and am going to use some of your tutorials to make me some for a straw market I am planning.

A Little More Minis said...

Good idea to put an extra shelf!
The baskets are all so adorable :)

Hugs, Jollie

Kathi said...

Loving yourlittle baskets! The wall hanging is beautiful too.
Sure wish I was going to your Wednesday witches meeting today!
Have fun and don't forget to show us what everyone made. :D

Sans! said...

Casey, I think the shelf is such a good idea. I may install one in the living room of my tribal house as well :). Just not sure what I should put on them. This is a good time to make baskets :).