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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Down to Bare Bones.....

Being a very active witch, Tessie sometimes dislocates a shoulder or breaks something crucial to her well being. Yesterday it was a dislocated shoulder. She came in with one arm dragging.

This morning I volunteered to fix it. This is how I started. This is how all of my little people start.

Three chenille stems are twisted together and then wrapped with floral tape. Unfortunately for you, Tessie refused to have photos taken during the operation. So....That's as far as I got.

I will tell you that the head, hands and feet are made of poly clay right on the armature and then baked. The parts that are still exposed are wrapped with low loft quilter's batting. Then comes the dressing. Fortunately, I didn't have to do new head hands and feet for Tessie. She was easy.

While I was digging around for new materials, Tessie opted to spend her time in the tub. It seems that she has been zapping bubbles and water in when I am not around.

I didn't even know that the tub was operational. I am either going to find a puddle under the townhouse or she has figured out a way to zap the bubbles and water out of existence when she is done.

I am not sure if it is legal to drink and bathe, any more than it is legal to drink and drive.

She shooed me away. A good book, a bottle and some bubbles is all she needs. Don't forget to poke the photos for a closer look.

After she got out of the tub, we had a go at giving her a new hairdo.....She whined and whinged all the way through the process. I suspect that she never combs her hair once she gets it the way she wants it to look. I couldn't believe all of the bits and pieces of mini supplies she had stuck in it.

I wouldn't let her look at her new outfit until it was finished....

She took one look at it and started in....."Roses? How am I supposed to do anything with roses sticking in my hair? I will get all thorny! Ouch!!" Then,"Yellow? I look terrible in yellow and it's all starched. This dress makes me look fat. I can't move. How am I supposed to ride a dragon in this stupid outfit?"

Then she really got a look at the hair. She grabbed the hairdryer and the hairspray. No. She didn't use the hair spray on her hair. She used it on me! Hair spray hurts when you get it in your eyes.

She said...."I am going to fix my hair and dump these roses down the toilet. Then I am going to expect you to have something decent for me to wear....I will give you an hour! Get to work....NOW!"

So much for the refinement of Tessie....Back to sewing.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

I love poking your photos. The one of Tessie in the tub is great! Shows all of the wonderful details you've done in that bathroom. :D
You make people making look easier than anyone I've seen. I just might have to try that someday?
Right now, I've got 96 chair parts to paint.

Nina said...

Casey, Please tell Tessie that I love the hair style and the new dress! I know it's not exactly witch-y by it's very becoming. Maybe she will give it another chance...?

Christine said...

Aaaw, Tessie looks so pretty in yellow and roses. Thank you for showing us her 'Xrays'. :D

Kathyb said...

I am so sorry that Tessie had a mishap, but I loved seeing her "new" look. Please tell her that I agree with Nina. She looks maaaaaarvelous! Yellow is definitely a great color for her. Reading about her adventures is a highlight in my day. Thanks for sharing!

HepzibethClare said...

I so enjoy your posts about Tessie!
Thankyouthankyou! Bathroom envy...wish I lived in that house!

Merri said...

I have to agree with Tessie: I like me as I am..and obviously she's happy with the old Tessie.

About BWI (Bathing while intoxicated) far I've never had a cop pull up to my bathtub with a ticket book in his I guess it's ok. (not that I drink all the time in the tub, yanno..but...nevermind.

Merri said...

OH yes..almost forgot. Tessie DID look very pretty in yellow. It's just that she's a creature of habit.

BTW you're inspiring me to make dolls of my own. So the chenille doesn't scorch in the oven while you are baking the hands and feet? Awesome! Thanks!

Margriet said...

Is was wondering how you did that when Tessie gets injured ;-)
I can understand why Tessie is a bit crossed with you for giving her roses in her hair and on her is so NOT Tessie LOL

Sans! said...

Tessie actually really look different today. In fact, she look really kind and sweet and everything nice. No wonder she is not happy, Casey.

Marisa Stein said...

oh that Tessie is just a Charactor!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

A nice, entertaining blog. I grew up with a mother who loves miniatures. She has so many around the house. Patsy from

Minka's Studio said...

I have spent hours on your blog this week! If I'm getting nothing done, it's all your fault!
Tonight I'm tracking the "dolls" label and hoping when I get through it all I'll know where you get (or if you make) the faces, arms, legs, and hair. They are really wonderful!

Caseymini said...

Minka, I make all of the dolls from scratch. I have a few porcelain ones that were kits, but if I use any of those, I give credit where credit is due. I think that I have only shown one or two of those on the blog.