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Friday, January 28, 2011

An Award...Twice

Last night I received this award from Maria Jose over at Mi Mini Rincon. This morning I also received it from Kathi at Beautiful mini Blessings
It originated from Arte y Pico My Spanish is not very good but I think that it is for creating great art. At least that's what Babel Fish tells me.
Thank you both so much. I am supposed to pass it on to five others, if I am understanding it right. It's not easy choosing just five, but here goes.
In no special order.
Dollhouse Miniature Furniture/Tutorials/ 1 Inch Minis
Go see these mini people. They are fun to visit.


Alison said...

Thanks for the links, Casey! I always appreciate great referrals from reliable sources :)

María José- islabcn said...

You understand perfectly. My english is very bad but I love your work. I enjoy with Tessie.I really love Tessie. Her photos are fantastic. It's a great idea. Congratulations! kisses

miniacollection said...

Thank you so much for the award casey. I am very touched to get it from you and thank you for the link to my blog.
Best wishes