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Saturday, December 11, 2010

There Will Be a Slight Pause....

I don't think that I told you that the old computer died a horrible death last week.

Walter ordered a new Dell and it got here yesterday. He did all of the set up and got it ready.

We lost the address book and some of our bookmarks. I have spent the morning trying to replace some of them. It wasn't easy because the laptop lost it's connection to the wireless somehow.

Tessie is no help what so ever. She thinks that it is a new jungle gym and has been swinging from the cd/dvd port. At least she is having fun.

Meanwhile, I have also been cleaning out the inbox. It had close to 2500 e mails that the crazy thing downloaded. I couldn't figure out how that could happen as I had just deleted all of the mail before the old computer went out.

The only way that we could figure out how to get rid of them was push control and poke a bunch of them then the delete button. On the old computer, the way Outlook express was set up, I could just do "edit", then "select all" and the whole bunch of letters would turn blue and you could eliminate them with one push of the button. If you push "select all" on Office, it takes everything, including the account names.

Tessie thinks it's funny. I don't. I lost my sense of humor after pushing that button about 1500 times....Here you see how many more times I still have to go. I quit. I am walking away. Maybe by tomorrow, we will have this figured out. If my fingers hold out that long, I will see you then.


rosanna said...

it happened to me as wel. I had to delate nearly 2000 emails, TWICE !
It drove me nuts. Good luck, Rosanna

Rietje said...

Hope you can solve the problem. Good luck!

Janice said...

And all the time you have to remember, " Technology saves us time,"

Josje said...

How annoying!! When something like this happens to me I always think it must be me who doesn't understand the system, as I can't believe 'they' make something to be so complicated when it could be so easy. But it isn't always me, sometimes it really is the system!
Be careful you don't hurt yourself doing the same thing over and over again...I still have a slight numbness in my pinky from when I had something like this happen to me.

Kathi said...

I think computer problems are MUCH worse than not having hot water!
My son got me a new computer LAST Christmas and it's still in the box.
I can't begin to understand how long it would take to try to transfer all of my files! Good luck getting yours up and running. Glad you have the lap top. I'd REALLY miss your posts. :D

Kittenz said...

In Office, if you want to delete multiple emails easily 1) Highlight the 1st email. 2) Click Ctrl & Atl together 3) Highlight the last email.
Everything in the middle should automatically be selected as well.

I hope this works for you. Good Luck.

Lucille said...

So sorry about what you're going through, Casey. Try to put it out of your mind tonight and have a nice relaxing evening.