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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Odd Socks.....

Well, for a pair of mismatched socks, they sure are popular. April and Walter both want them for Christmas!There isn't that much difference in the size of their feet and the socks are stretchy anyway.

I am finding that I like my socks a little more orderly than this. I guess if I was wearing long pants and nobody could see the tops they would be OK for me, but as they are, they are just too weird for me. At least they are finished!

Tessie is still nagging about the tree vignettes. This is one from last year and I just put a padded stool in it. No sooner than I had done that, Cordelia and Eskaiga arrived and took it over. I am beginning that there is something going on there. Ever since the Mid Century Mod housewarming, they have been spotted here and there together.

I discovered one tiny(big) problem with the new cupboard. It wouldn't fit in the only vignette that I have left.

Tessie filled it with food and drink as soon as it was dry. When I told her that it wouldn't fit, she told me, "Make a new vignette for it!"

I refused. She zapped it and vanished. I had to go hunting for her. She managed to balance it on one of the branches of the tree and wedged it in. There it is and there it will stay unless someone shakes the tree vigorously.

Anyway, the party is gaining momentum day by day. Three more days to go. Who knows what other guests will show up? I guess we will just have to wait to find out.

See you tomorrow.


Rietje said...

The socks are probably a bit weird but lovely!!

I'm sure you all will have a nice Christmas

Enjoy! Rianne

Lucille said...

I agree, Casie, that you'll have to keep an eye on Cordelia and Eskaiga. Who knows but that they might decide to elope?!! I imagine you would really want to give them a decent wedding. As for little Tessie, no matter how naughty she is at times, she can also be so very industrious. Tonight, I'm a happy baker! My oven has been reassembled!