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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Half a Chair Is Better Than None....

We are, collectively, having one of those days....Walter took my car in to have the breaks checked this morning. The breaks were fine....However....The struts and some other stuff weren't so fine.

I had to go in and pick him up because there was going to be a wait. He dropped me off and then went and did some errands.

Left to my own devices, I opted to do something silly. I dug around the work room and found a pattern for a barrel chair that I designed years ago and decided that it would be fun to make one.

This particular chair has a tufted back and seat, so it takes a bit of time to do.... I got the base pieces cut out on the jigsaw. I found some velveteen fabric and covered the edges of those.

No sooner had I done that part and Walter came home to pick me up so that we could go get my car.

He stopped at Jack in the Box on the way home and of course, they got our order all wrong. We live to far away to make it practical to go back and complain....So we ate what we got.

I went back to work and cut out batting and fabric for the back and arms of the chair and went to work tufting it.

While working, with the TV on, I heard that there is a bad storm coming at us from California.

I covered all of the plants on the patio. It was a "Blizzard Warning".We seldom hear that word around here. It is supposed to freeze for the next two nights. I hate cold!

Anyway, that pretty much stopped me working in my workroom....That is the coldest room in the house.

I am not making the chair for any particular project, so there is no hurry for getting it done. Other than Tessie nagging me and telling me that it is her chair.....So what else is new...

I am going in the bedroom and cozy up with the cats. They will keep me warm whilst I knit. The chair can wait.

It is a dark and dreary afternoon and what with the way that the rest of the day has been going, I think that it would be wise for me not to tempt fate....If I keep working on the chair, I will probably just sew or glue my fingers together and have to stop anyway.

I am going to go knit and pout now.

See you tomorrow.


Caroline said...

Can't wait to see how the chair turns out. Stay warm inside.

Lucille said...

Don't pout, Casey. Just knit and be happy. Have some bonbons or whatever is your thing?!! When I feel blue, potato chips always do the trick for me. It never misses.

Caseymini said...

LOL Lucille, Pouting can be fun. It is blowing sidewise outside, raining cats and dogs and the temp is dropping as we speak. I am thinking pouting and hot chocolate sounds good about now.

Caroline, the chair will finish itself tomorrow. See you then.