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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rescue Me!!!!

Tessie and Zar joined me this morning to work on the stove for the Russian cottage. I got the insides blocked out with Styrofoam and foam core. It looks to be almost an exact copy of the photo that I showed you a few days ago.

After I got it together and the glue dried, they rudely pushed me out of the way and took over.

Tessie has forgiven me for shoving her in the closet yesterday and closing the door....Kind of....I wonder when she is going to learn that she can zap herself out. She seems to forget when in a panic.

Anyway, things are back to normal....I am the person that she has to tolerate if she wants to live here.

She somehow dragged Zar away from the Mid Century Mod party and talked him into helping with the plastering. He grabbed an old dessert knife and started smoothing on a coat of Dap Patching plaster straight out of the tub.

Tessie followed along behind with a stencil brush, stippling the surface. It is all nicely roughed up now.

I told them that it would take a few hours to dry and that we couldn't surface sand it until it was done.

They both dragged in chairs, sat down with their emery boards and settled in for the long haul.

For Tessie, that lasted exactly 14 minutes and 37 seconds. Then she started to whine....You know how it goes...."When will it be dry? How much longer do we have to sit here?"

I answered her with the usual "I told you. A few hours should do it. And then, "You don't have to sit here, you know."

"But someone has to keep feeling it to see if it's done yet." Then she turned to Zar and announced, "You have to wait too, so I may as well go do something else. Touch the wall every 7 minutes. When it's dry, call me."

Then she turned to me and said, "Now about that new apron that you promised me....I want zebra skin to match my chair and my emery board."

Then I made a slight mistake. I told her, "You can have it if you can find it." Oops! I forgot that the closet that I put her in yesterday was the closet in the computer room.....Yup.....The closet that I cleaned a few days ago. After I said it, I remembered that I carefully folded the zebra fabric and put it in a pile on the second shelf from the top.......

As far as I know, Zar is still sitting there, touching the wall every 7 minutes. He will be fine.

I am not so sure about Tessie. I went into the computer room to see if she had found the fabric.

Laughing at a witch when she is grasping at the edge of a piece of material to keep from falling is not a good idea. But I couldn't help it.

I ran and got the camera. Here she is!
Don't worry. I got her down after I snapped the photo. Again....When is she going to learn that all she has to do is zap in a panic situation?

I am not going to remind her. It is too much fun to see her trying to get out of jams in the normal way.

She is sputtering about how mean I am. Hey! I rescued her, didn't I? I guess I am going to have to go make it up to her with a new apron. I am just hoping that I can talk her out of zebra skin... She is going to look like a very small cave woman.

See you tomorrow.


Claudia said...

I love the photo of Zar and Tessie with their emery boards!


Katie said...

Hahaa... Poor Tessie! Stop picking on her:)

And I LOVE the idea of a zebra print apron! So fun!

I like the fireplace, too. I lOVE carving styrofoam~ You can do everything with it! ....And I use an emery board to sand everything I do in mini... It's so much easier to handle!

Kathi said...

Poor poor Tessie. You are so mean. I'm wondering how long the stucco will take to dry too? I want to see the finished fireplace and I want to see it NOW!

Caseymini said...

Hey! I'm not picking on Tessie. I just didn't bother to remind her that she can zap to get out of the silly situations that she gets herself into. You all are starting to sound just like Tessie.....Get just a little closer to that closet.....LOL