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Friday, November 5, 2010

More Fun Than a Barrel Full of Aardvarks.....

First of all, I broke down and made Tessie's apron yesterday afternoon. She is off my case and really agreeable now.

Now for the fun part. April and I went to the Dessert Sky church rummage sale this morning. I didn't even spend twenty dollars....Maybe right around ten. I don't know if I told you about this sale before, but it is the largest one in town and is held on the first weekend in November every year. The church collects things for the sale in a warehouse on their property all year. I heard that last year they made about 90,000.oo! It all goes to charity so is for a good cause.

Did I get some deals? I got all of these books for $3.25. The Interior Decorating from A to Z is from 1965. I have been looking at it on Alibris, but decided against buying it because the shipping was more than the book! It's a good one if you like 60s decorating.

The next couple are a bargello needlepoint book and a crochet book. The prizes were the next two. The first one is about Pima Indian Basketry. The Pimas are one of our local tribes and they make wonderful coiled baskets with beautiful designs woven in with natural grasses.

Next is a book on building "rustic" furniture from branches and such. There may be some furniture from that one in miniature in the near future.

The last two are an antique furniture guide and one on Vintage fretwork. All in all, I would say that I made out like a bandit!
I got a 1/4" scale "bed and breakfast" for two dollars. At least I think that is what it will be when I am finished with it.

Tessie hates that one. She doesn't fit in most of the rooms.

Inside the house there is, from top to bottom, a package of two soft sculpting needles(25 cents), four yards of white silk ribbon in an unopened package(10 cents), a small unfinished wooden hornbook(10 cents), Tessie(priceless), a pair of Japanese scissors(they were expensive! 4.00) and a small square frame(10cents).
The two bamboo place mats laying beside the house were 25 cents each, then there is a small macrame board @ 50 cents and some of the little wooden pieces that look like muffins. Those were 25cents. OK I just added it up. 10.70 for all.....

April and I gave up after that. She had a couple of sacks full also. Neither of us were quite ready to give up. We went to a couple of garage sales and finally ended up at a yarn shop.....And guess what I found there?
Yummy yarn for two more pair of socks. As I have said before.....There are never enough yarns for socks! The colors in the rainbow yarn are much brighter than the photo shows.

I am going now to play with my new toys if I can pry them away from Tessie and Widget. He was eyeing the balls of yarn, when last seen.

See you tomorrow.


DollZandThingZ said...

Love all that you found! Love rummage sales--and tag sales as we call them in New England. And, I love your blog and Tessie, too!

Lataina said...

Sounds like you had a good day. Really loving Tessie's new apron, and her headband and bracelet are just what a girl needs to accessorize. =)

Deni said...

You have the most wonderful Garage sales there! What wonderful finds and at bargain price too

Lady Jane said...

Love the apron, tessie looks real content. lots of good finds. you are indeed the "Queen of Garage Sales" mini blessings Lady Jane

Rietje said...

I love the books you bought. Especially the basketry book. I bought one myself a short time ago about indian basket weaving but I think you find one I,ve never seen before.

Kathi said...

Wow. You really did well with your shopping! Love the little "bed and breakfast" idea. That will be so cute! Tell Tessie she does NOT look like a mini cave woman, but rather stylish in her new apron, headband and bracelet. Very nice.

ShellbyFay said...

Wow what great finds Casey! Loving Tessie's new apron too :)