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Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's All Done With Needles...

Yesterday I was going to take a bottle brush tree and some lycopodium(the greenery that is used by miniaturists to make realistic Christmas trees). Unfortunately, all of the bottle brush trees that I have collected over the years have run away and hidden. I looked and looked and couldn't find them anywhere. I put them away last year after Christmas and they are nowhere to be found, so far.

So instead, I took knitting. Granted, it's not minis, but I couldn't just go to the meeting and sit on my hands for several hours.

I finished one of the new socks and started its mate. These are what is called "fraternal socks". They are off of the same ball of yarn, of the same colors, but there is no matching of the stripes.

I am very pleased with the first one.

This morning I started working on the Russian rug again. I didn't get too far.

Tessie kept interrupting with questions about the red work that she was doing for towels and curtains.

Between the two of us, the cottage is going to be well stocked with needlework.

The piece that she is working on will be a towel. I am a big fan of Quaker red work, so this comes naturally as a side step.

The piece that you see next to her on the table is a French Biscornu. The French do some very lovely red work and I found the pattern for this on one of their websites. It is basically two squares twisted and the point of one square is sewn to the center of one side of the other one. Then they are whipped together to form this strange little pincushion.

If you are interested in doing one, this site is a good one to go to to learn about them. I have made a few regular sized ones.

This is my only mini one so far. In the photo it looks gigantic. It is only about an inch and a half wide. The canvas is #22 hardanger.

I encourage any of you that do cross stitch to try these. They are really fun to make.

If you are in need of a pattern, just google "biscornu patterns". There are lots to look at. It should keep you busy at least until tomorrow.

See you then.


Christine said...

Your sock is gorgeous and Tessie looks quite contented as she stitches away.

Debbie said...

Love the colour of the sock Casey. Looks like its been dipped in a Rainbow. I have to admire your knitting, I've never been able to master

Lucille said...

It has been years since I've done petit point or embroidery! But, I would like to try my hand at making a dollhouse rug. When I see your beautiful work, I feel tempted to give it a try.

Margaret said...

You are so productive Casey, (love the tiny biscornu) and Tessie too, makes me feel like a lazy lump in comparison. I take a long time to be inspired to do something, then to work out how to do it, and then actually do it. Oh well, I get there in the end:)

Carol said...

I am in awe of how many things you can accomplish in a day, and they always turn out so well! The sock is so cute! I hope that you will model them for us when the fraternal mate is finished :) Thank you for the link to the biscornu pattern. Love your cushion.

April said...

I love the socks! The red work is so cute too.