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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why No Cats?

Yesterday afternoon we went over to Seth's and April's house for dinner. After we finished, April brought in a piece of fabric that she had found for me that will be perfect for modern minis. Then she plonked down this book in front of me. She found it at a thrift shop in the area.

I have a feeling that Tessie is a bad influence on her....or maybe it's the other way around. She said to me, "Mom, I will let you borrow the book if you will build me some of the furniture....Life sized...."

She does this to me a lot. I build something in mini and immediately she wants it in 1:1 scale instead of 1:12.

I didn't commit to it. I told her to go build it herself. Seth has lots of tools. The book has the directions......Good luck.

Fortunately, she let me borrow it anyway.

There are 53 plans for modern(in 1957) furniture in it. I want them all....In MINIATURE!

As soon as Tessie saw it, she went back into "I want!" mode.

I have to agree with her on this one. It's a three legged chair. Very cool.

Then there is the "service cart". She wants one of these for her wild parties. She said, "This Will be perfect for serving drinks. You won't build me a bar..."

About that time, I read a comment from Karin F. commenting that being a witch and all, Tessie should have a cat.....

I read it aloud and Tessie spitted and sputtered a lot.

"You know why I don't have any cats my size! I have enough to manage with your two!". And then, "See! See what I mean? Widget! Get away from MY book!"

Here we go again....April, good luck with getting your book back! Tessie and Widget are fighting over it. Tessie wants the furniture and Widget just wants to chew on the cover....

I did yard work all morning. Now I am going to slide the book out from under those two and hide it. Then I am going to go finish the table.

See you tomorrow for the start of the drawing.


Kathi said...

53 plans! WOW! That book is a real treasure! Can't wait to see them ALL in miniature! :D

Angela said...

Hello Casey, the book must also be fantastic .... I want it!!
what luck ....

Deni said...

That is a great book!
Im sure you could wiz those up in no time Casey!!!!
Im not sure of the 1:1 size though!
Your just too clever!!!! lol

Karin F. said...

See! Told you Tessie needs a cat. What I didn't say was that she needs a familiar ....which would mean the cat would help her instead of you.
Hope you realize that you are one of the very few doing modern furniture. As an antiques dealer, can't say I approve LOL but I must admit you build your furniture beautifully!
hugs Karin

Lyssa and James Bowen said...

How exciting! Please, do share all your modern creations as you try out the plans. That was a great thing to get to borrow for a bit!

Heather said...

fabulous book!

May said...

Que maravilla de libro.
Espero poder disfrutar de tus creaciones.
Tessi es una lianta, jaja
Besitos, May