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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs......

Tessie grabbed these as soon as they came. You know the first word out of her mouth....."Mine!!!"

They came from Katie of Katie's Clay Corner Yup the very same one that won the drawing. Thank you, Katie!

I have been drooling over these since she started making them. She is selling them in her new etsy shop, in case anybody is interested. They must be seen in person to be appreciated. Beautifully done.

It took me a couple of day to pry them out of Tessie's hot little hands, to even get a look at them....

She started wearing the puce one with "Love" on it as a very large broach.

She did let me have one of them.....The one that said "share". Gee...I wonder why.

She flitted here and there deciding where they should live.

The black cat sign with the orange background went to the Witches Warehouse, as did the Happy Halloween one.

The one that says "Treasure the moment" will go somewhere in the Russian cottage or the Townhouse when they are done....

The last one was tough for her to decide on. She has been flying around the house on her favorite dragon for the past two hours.....I finally asked her. "Why don't you land someplace?"

Her reply? "Can't you read? The sign says Journey....So I am journeying!"

I think I need a stop sign..... I am getting dizzy with her flying around my head every 10 minutes!
We are off to see "Red"(the movie) today, so I probably won't get a lot of mini-ing done.

See you tomorrow.


May said...

Cada vez que veo a Tessi en acción, me pongo a temblar, pues no se con que nueva va ha presentarse, jejeje.
Estupenos grabados.
Besitos, May

Katie said...

Tessie is cracking me up over here! 'Journeying'.... lol!!

lol.... the Share sign was more for Tessie, too... Kinda funny she gave it to you, huh! :)

CLARA said...

¡Felicidades por el regalo! Veo que lo estais disfrutando.
Besos Clara

Sans! said...

I love her signs too :):) and look how versatile they are! I cant believe how well they go with your different house.