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Friday, October 1, 2010

I Only Needed Glue......

And what did I come back with?
Yes, I did remember the glue. Not only did I get the glue, but I found new Woodsies! I bought a couple of sacks ten or fifteen years ago. They last a long, long time, but the ones that I had were getting down to the dregs. Lots of warped and chipped pieces were mostly left.

It is amazing what silly things make me and Tessie happy. I now have enough rectangular woodsies for 130 baskets and/or planters and other wicker items. I have 330 circular and oval pieces for more baskets and other items.

Tessie grabbed a bag of Woodsies that I had never come across before and shouted, "Two hundred and fifty WANDS!!! All for me!!!" I didn't want to burst her bubble. Some will be quietly used for other things. I need rungs for the ladder going to the second story of the Russian cottage. They are simply dowels that are 1/16" diameter and 2 1/2" long. Lots of wands!

The last bag was 30 larger rounds and ovals. Perfect for mini table tops. Those will be much easier than messing with the saw and cutting ovals and circles. There are two sizes of each shape.

Now do you see why I am a happy camper?

The other new thing that I got from Michael's is an application for a Michael's Rewards Card.
Just for signing up, I will get 20% off of my next entire order... I have to go to to complete the application or send in a written one. It sounds like anybody in the US can do this. I think that they might be trying to cut down on some of the printed coupons that they give out and replace them with the card. I am going for it. Nothing to buy and nothing to lose as far as I can see.

Back to the mini world.

I used some of the woolly vinegar on the roof this morning and I'm very pleased. I took the photo between the first floor roof staining and the second, so that you could see the difference.

It looks just like an old worn rooftop. Just what I wanted. The top of the bottle that I brewed it in is in the bottom corner of the photo.

See all of that crusty black stuff around the neck. That is the dissolved mixture of steel wool and vinegar. I am rethinking vinegar in foods. If that is what it does to steel, what does it do to your insides???? Kind of scary!!!

Anyway, now I am going to sign up for the Michaels card and then I am going to go play with my new toys and the cottage.

See you tomorrow.


Papillon Bleu said...

Good Heavens!!!!!!500????Amazing!!!

Debbie said...

Your concoction makes a good stain Casey. HAve you ever tried Walnut Crystals to make up a solution and used that as a stain?..

Caseymini said...

Debbie, I haven't used walnut crystals as I don't know what they are. My dad used to use the meat from black walnuts to put a finish on small wood pieces by rubbing them into the surface of the wood. It left a wonderful oiled finish. I should try that on some minis sometime.

Kathi said...

Congratulations on 500 followers!

Thanks for tip about Michaels. I'm going to go sign up.

You've made fast progress with that roof! Love the stain. The design on the unfinished roof is great too!

Sans! said...

Thanks for the tip on steel wool+vinegar. I love vinegary things but are always told they are bad. I think it cleans up the stomach like how it can be used to clean the toilets with sodium bicarbonate which is what you used to make cakes? So cakes + vinegar = clean intestines? :)

Elena said...

Hello Casey,
thanks for your e-mail, I 'll send main after weekend.
Just a few woords here about the the roof. The method of making the stain is very simple but the result is wonderful. The roof looks very authentic !

My congratulations on 500 followers! The number is fantastic but it doesn't strange - your blog is amazing!

Norma said...

The steel wool and vinegar looks to have worked a treat.

And I wouldn't worry too much about the vinegar you pop into your body considering that it's like water compared to the acid in your stomach - now there's a scary thought!

Clara said...

Mucho material, seguramente será poco para Tessie.
El tejado está muy bien envejecido. Me gusta.
Besos Clara

Caseymini said...

Sans, It is really scary what things looked like when I finished with the vinegar mixture. I got some on my white laminate breakfast tray and had to really scrub to get it off. I love vinegar on fish and chips. I am now re thinking that.....