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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Give a Witch a Cookie.......

And you can con her into just about anything.

You didn't actually believe that I was going to carry Tessie everywhere I went, did you??

I was getting ready to go meet April for coffee and shopping this morning and Tessie called from the basket, "Hey! Look what I did!"

I went and looked. She had zapped her zebra chair and three suitcases into the basket. She was sitting there impatiently waiting for me to take her somewhere.... I didn't bite, but she did.

I figured that a sugar wafer would keep her busy for a while. Sweet tooth, you know.

I tossed it in her lap. Then I quickly slammed the lid down and locked it in place. She was so busy crunching on the cookie that she didn't even seem to notice.

I then quietly instructed Beau and Spike to stand guard and make sure that she didn't try to escape. I also told them to wiggle the basket too and fro a bit, at irregular intervals. With any luck, she would think that she was going someplace.

I then ran for the car and freedom. I met April for coffee and then we proceeded to Borders, where I found this.

I kind of doubt that I will be doing any knitting for street signs and light poles, but it is fascinating to read about people that do. I guess that yarn graffiti is the latest fad in knitting and crochet circles. It looks like fun, but I would probably get caught and charged with defacing public property if I did it....Hmmmmm....I wonder if they can arrest me for knitting a sweater for the Mesquite tree in the front yard. It is on private property, so I probably could get away with it. It seems to me that It would be fun, but a lot of work for not a lot of purpose, other than to make someone smile. That's not a bad thing.

Other than that, I didn't get a lot of wonderful stuff.

When I got back, I opened the basket. The cookie was all gone. Tessie was standing with hands on hips and growling something about me not letting her out of the basket whilst we were shopping. I told her that she was asleep for most of the trip and I didn't want to wake her. I know how grouchy she gets when someone wakes her from a sound sleep.

It worked better than I thought it would. Evidently all of that sugar put her under for a couple of hours. Who says I can't cast a spell when I want to? I wonder how many times this will work before she figures out the ploy?

Well, I think that I will go knit a tree sweater now.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Speaking of knitting in trees, have you see Resurrection Fern?

She does the most beautiful knitting and crochet. Gorgeous photos of her work at her Etsy shop too.

Katie said...

I've seen where they knit the lightpoles, and I think it sounds like fun! Good for them! :) Poor Tessie! But then again, she did get a sugar cookie outta the whole deal, so I'm thinking she's the one with the ploy!! :)

Claudia said...

We can all be tempted by a sugar cookie. I've read about that kind of knitting - very interesting!


Deni said...

Oh thats too funny
"wiggle the basket for a bit" she will think she is moving giggle!!!