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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mother Nature's Legs.....

I worked on another chair yesterday and this morning. I am not giving directions for this one for now. I think that this one is a secret weapon of sorts....It may lead to other furniture.

Remember when I did the couch and did all of that carving just to make plain cone shaped legs? Well, do you also remember a while back when I made some high heeled shoes and did a quirky thing to make the heels?

I said something about not wanting to do all of that carving again for simple legs.

Tessie and Zar were listening. The first think I knew, they were gone and back in a flash. There they were on the kitchen counter relaxing on a dead Mesquite branch. The were discussing the finer points(no pun intended) of Mesquite thorns. "The nice thing about these is, they come in all different useful sizes." Tessie mused.

Zar countered with, "If they are too long, they can be cut down to match."

That settled it. I now have legs without one stroke of carving. I used my miter box and cut them all to the same length, painted them black and glued them onto the bottom plate of the latest chair.

Tessie and Zar sat patiently watching the glue dry whilst I went about my business.

When I thought it had been long enough, I went back to see what was happening......I was too late.

Will Zar never learn? Never sit in a new chair before Tessie tries it out.......

Did I mention that Tessie discovered that the thorns also make a good substitute for a wand? I do hope that she zapped Zar to the right spot on the branch....I think that was an area without thorns.....I hope.....

See you tomorrow.


Claudia said...

Well, Tessie and Zar were very smart to think of mesquite thorns! What a perfect solution!


Kathi said...

Thing are getting very dangerous around there! Better keep an eye on those two!
Just a thought. I made some pointy legs by putting them in my pencil sharpener. Worked great. :D
Come see my sofa and check out the arms. Not too shabby! Thanks for your help.

Clara said...

Esta nueva silla es ideal, cada una te sale mejor que la anterior.
El color de esta precioso. Espero que te quedes con lgo para vestirte tu :)
Besos Clara