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Thursday, September 2, 2010

For Safekeeping.....

I managed to get the ceiling installed in the bathroom this morning. Then I proceeded to start putting things back in place to see how they look. As soon as I did, I realized two things.....I put away the faucets for the sink and tub for "safekeeping". While I wasn't looking, they wandered away.

The other thing was brought to light by Tessie...She drifted in to take a look and immediately exclaimed,"There's no place to put extra towels, shampoo, soap, perfume, toilet paper, hair products and my hair dryer."

Unfortunately, she is right. I need to make a tall shelf or cabinet to go on the front right wall. Rats! More work!

Otherwise, she approved. I didn't tell her that the pull chain to flush the toilet is also missing. Presumably, it is with the faucets, in a safe place....Here we go again.

Zar is still in the workroom. Tessie hired him to build some "slanty shelves" on the right side.

I kept wondering how best to utilize the two slanted walls in the workroom. The two of them have solved the problem.

We already cut a piece of mat board to get the correct angle. The plan is to start with a wide shelf at the bottom and finish with a narrow shelf at the top, thus using all of the possible space for storage.

I am thinking that I will talk them into craftsman style, similar to the work table that I did last week. I don't want a solid end on the shelves. I will stagger slats of walnut with spaces between for the verticals.

Walter is still on vacation. We are going to go see "The Expendables" later. This is a really cool vacation as far as I am concerned. I still get to do minis. I get to go to movies in the middle of the week and usually eating out after.

I think that Walter is pretty OK with it. He gets to go golfing four times this week. For him, there is never enough golf.

I am going back now and chase Tessie and Zar out of the workroom. I need to install the ceiling before I can do the shelves.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

I love all of the details you've put in the bathroom. The light looks great!
Love that photo of Zar sizing up the shelf project. Looks like he is really thinking about what to do. :D

rosanna said...

My Walter will be playing glf on Sunday AND Monday and he will go to Tuscany which means that he will leave on Sat evening !!!! Am I mean if I say that I'm happy cause I'll have not to cook for two days and I'll be free to play with my minis? nope, I don't feel so :o)))))I'll try to catch up a bit with all the delayed work (^_^)

Clara said...

Has conseguido un baño precioso. Ya veré cómo haces los grifos.
Tessi estará feliz.
Besos Clara

otterine said...

I love the curtain treament around the bath and the decoration you've added to the tub. It's a great, cozy bathroom!