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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Come On In!

I have been putting off the welcome again....I am a bad blogger.

We are up to 482 and counting at the party. If I have missed anybody, I am sorry. It is hard to keep everything organized at a party this big! Just wait till 500!

Here we go!

1. Mini Me at Not a House For Dolls You have to see the arcitectural model that she just bought.
2. Juani at Las Minis De Eden lots of minis and more...
3. Annemineli at Annemin Eli Lots of yummy real food and recipes.
4. Berri Jones. Her profile doesn't list a blog. I am following a blog called Berri's Musings in Miniature. I will take a chance and list this one as hers. Berri, if it isn't you, let me know.
5. May at Lots of cute minis to see.
6. Cheryl of A Miniature Place Beautiful minis of all kinds.
7. Esther y su mundo atMe Mundo de Miniatura She makes really cute babies and has a tutorial for making your own.
8. Ana at Minimum She just made a bed that is going to be spectacular and shows you how she did it.
9. Karen at KG Krafts She seems to be into lots of different things.
10. Margot at La Belle Brigante Beautiful dolls!
11. Looking Glass Miniature at Very nice half scale Fairfield in progress here.
12.Cherryv33 I have no info on this one.
13. Veselina another mystery person.
14. Marian of Mundo Marian Be sure to look around. She has some neat tutorials.
15. Eddie is another mystery person...
16. gshoney seems to be into dolls. No information on a website.
17. Laurinha at Feito a Mao Miniaturas She is a new blogger. I am one of her first followers. Great things to see.
18. Rosamargarita at La Tapatia Her mini crochet is something to see!!
19.Pisco is a mystery person.
20. Helen of Helen and Tony's Travels A very interesting travel blog.
21. Aimee Jeffries at Misty Moon Creations Mostly she makes art dolls, but there are a lot of other crafts going on over there too. Fun stuff.
22. Kim at My Fairytale Cottage She is working on....a fairytale cottage!

Welcome to all of you! Come on in and play!


Katie said...

My Goodness! It's getting crowded in here, lol....Congrats on almost 500 followers~ So, You gonna do a giveaway or something to celebrate?? Thanks for all the new links to look at...Can you believe how big this place of blogworld has gotten?! Isn't it so neat:)

Mini Me said...

Thank you, thank you!

Caseymini said...

Katie and Mini Me, thank you! I am going to be doing something when I hit 500......It's a secret for now.....

Aimee Jeffries said...

I'm usually a mystery, but not sure why my blog doesn't show up in friend connect profile lol. This is me I'm loving your blog, you have such a great imagination, watching the progress pics is amazing!

Rosamargarita said...

Gracias por la bienvenida Casey y por tu comentario sobre mis trabajos a crochet

Aubrey Silver said...

Yes, I finally figured out how to put my blog in my profile, thanks to you for alerting me that it wasn't there.
Aubrey (Formerly Eddie)
~No longer a mystery~