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Friday, August 13, 2010

Scissors Mystery Solved!!!

Scissors? What scissors? I don't see any scissors..... I tore the bed apart twice. Cleaned out places that I thought they might be hiding. Worried that I might have accidentally tossed them out....

Walter strolled into the bedroom where I was watching something other than the PGA tournament. He started to leave after we discussed what could have happened to the errant scissors.

He nonchalantly reached down and plucked them off of the black and white quilt on the bed and asked......"Are these what you're looking for?". I accused him of stealing them and putting them back on the bed when I wasn't looking....He denied it. I believe him, but I still can't believe that they never fell off of the bed in all of the unmaking and making of the bed that I did.

Here you can see how hard that they are to see, even from a short distance.

I decided that this wasn't going to happen again. I wasted too much time hunting for them yesterday. And I wasted even more time cleaning areas where I thought that they might be hiding. Oh well...I did get some cleaning done that I probably wouldn't have done otherwise.

I was going to make some scissor fobs to attach to the handles, so that they would be easier to see. I went into the almost clean workroom....Almost.

I picked up the box of beads that I needed and a box of jewelry findings....This is Friday the 13th, right? Of course, when I went to switch off the light and leave, I dumped the whole box that Tessie and Zar are sitting in, on the rug under the switch. After crawling around on hands and knees, making sure that I got it all,.( I didn't want to find these things with my feet later) I sorted every one of those headpins and other findings back into their rightful places. I hope that is the only Friday the 13th thing to happen today. It could have been worse. It could have been one of the big boxes of findings....

I made the fobs on crab claw fasteners so that I could easily get them on and off of the scissors. That way if I tire of one, I can exchange it for another.

I think that I was channeling Kathi over at Beautiful Mini Blessings when I made the first one. The colors remind me of the ocean and then I had to add a fish that my friend Pat gave me. Yup. Definitely the sea.

Then I got really carried away with the next one. It will be impossible to loose the scissors with this one.... It is almost 5" long. This one is more tribal art. It started with an old earring and grew...

I think that Zar liked that one better.

That still didn't solve the problem of me leaving them somewhere when I wasn't using them and forgetting where I put them. Sooooooo.......I decided to get really silly and frame them.

I took an old frame and cut a couple of thicknesses of foam core to fit inside. I used spray glue to cover that with my all time favorite fabric. Then I took two of those fancy little black and gold nails that come with picture hanging kits and pushed them through the foam core at the inner corners of the scissors handles where I wanted them to hang.

Almost instant art and they look pretty good with the two poly clay wall pieces that were already there.

I am going now to make more fobs....Tessie is hinting that she needs a couple for her mini scissors. Zar wants watch fobs.... I guess I will have to see what I can do.

See you tomorrow.


Glenda said...

Glad you found them. It's one of those 'perversity of inanimate objects' events.
They're a facinating shape, are they comfrtable to use?
The fobs and framing are beautifully done - great idea!!

Tallulah Belle said...

Oh dear...not a good start to friday 13th !

I LOVE the framed scissors...don't think it is silly at all. They are beautiful to look at and deserve framing.

Caseymini said...

Actually, they are quite comfortable. The pointy parts kind of fit between your fingers. After all, they are mainly intended for cutting embroidery thread, so not much continuous use anyway. I collect scissors. This may be the start of something with the framing....I like how they look now that they are done too.

Clara said...

¡Sabia que las encontrarias! Una buena idea colgarlas en el cuadro hecho rápido y bien. Besos Clara

Lataina said...

What a neat idea. The framed scissors look fabulous! =)

dale said...

Yay! So glad the scissors turned up. :)

Sorry about dropping the box though.

The fobs are a great idea, I really like the scissors framed. :)

Kathi said...

So happy you found your scissors! I love that beachy fob, but then you knew I would! :)
I like the idea of framing your scissors. Now they will never be lost again!
I LOVE Friday the 13th! It's my birthday!
Maybe that's why I'm a little strange, I don't know..?

Caseymini said...

Which Friday the 13th, Kathi? If it's this one, Happy Birthday!

Norma said...

The frames scissors piece is fabulous!

How amazing that they just turned up again like they did!

May said...

Me alegro Que Hayas Encontrado Las tijeras . ¿ Ha tenido Muy buena idea enmarcandolas . Hijo ANO tijeras Muy originales .
Besitos de Mayo

Kim said...

I love the way the scissors look framed- what a great idea-I'm forever losing my tiny embroidery scissors also- never thought about making a fob like that or a frame. I may have to "borrow" the frame idea and hang it right next to my chair in the living room :)

Sans! said...

I had to smile, Casey. Framing your scissors to avoid losing them again. What an idea!

I trawled through your posts looking for this pair of scissors as well.