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Friday, August 6, 2010

I think I've Got It.....

As promised, I did the smaller "dome" this morning. I learned a lot and will correct the way I do it if I can find more of the vases at Dollar Tree.

The first thing I did was wrap a piece of computer paper around the top to make a pattern for a valence. I let it overlap by about a quarter of an inch. Drew a line to indicate the overlap and then folded the paper. I wanted six points, so I folded it in half, then in thirds. You could do any kind of a design on the bottom edge.

I cut that out and made sure that it fit. Then I Wonder Under-ed two layers of the fabric together and traced the pattern onto that. I cut it out and made sure that it fit again. Then I cut one circle of fabric the inside circumference of the vase and one the outside circumference. These were also Wonder Under-ed.

I glued the inner circle in place. Then I wrapped the valence around the vase and clipped the top in Vs so that it would lap over the top to glue. It all fit. I glued that down.

Then I glued the outer circle on top. Next time I will make a decision about the trim that I am going to use and glue it onto the pieces before I stick everything together. I was getting dizzy just trying to twist and turn the vase to get everything stuck to the valence. Mistake #1.

Sorry there aren't more photos of the process. It is hard to glue and take pics at the same time....Especially when your hands are glued to some part of the thing that you are trying to photograph... Mistake # 2.

The base is done the same way as the larger one. A circle of foam core was cut to fit inside with a bit of extra space for the carpeting. The carpeting was glued around it and then the whole thing was glued to the base, so that the dome sits around it.

If I do this again, I will make the valence shorter. It is hard to see Tessie without getting down to eye level with her. Mistake # 3.

My last mistake was trying to talk Cordelia into posing....She is much smarter than Tessie. She claimed that she had no idea how to do it and needed someone to show her....Yup. Tessie volunteered.

I should have just asked Tessie in the first place. Now she has both Cordy and Zar pointing and laughing. She swore up and down that she was never getting under a dome again.....There she is.....I wonder how long it will take her to realize that her zapping powers are back....She hasn't used them for a week! When she figures it out, I wouldn't want to be the two on the outside.

Maybe I should go play hero and rescue her before she does something she shouldn't.

See you tomorrow.


ShellbyFay said...

Haha! Poor Tessie!!!

This looks really good, i love the valance and the style you've done it in!

Claudia said...

I hope it doesn't take Tessie too long to rediscover her powers!