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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get Your Big Feet Off of the Sofa!!!

I finished the sofa. When you last saw it, it was all bare wood and ugly.....I covered it up. First, I put a layer of thin bonded batting on it, wrapped it around and trimmed it even with the bottom edge.

Then I murdered a Christmas red turtle neck jersey that was a much better color. It wasn't long for this world anyway.

I wrapped that around over the batting to the back, clipped it and glued it in place.

Then I made a piece to fit over the back out of card stock and covered it with jersey. Glued that and weighted it to dry.

I wrapped the bottom the same way, but instead of a jersey wrapped piece, I used black card stock for the bottom cover. The legs aren't stable enough when glued to fabric.

I carved five legs from walnut. Made them a cone shape and then slanted the tops just slightly.
Those were then glued to the bottom, in the configuration that you see in the next photo.

The real sofa had three braces on the back to stabilize the cushion. I did that with strips of walnut. After the legs and braces dried, I glued the pieces together.

As soon as I finished, the sofa was zapped right out of my hand! I went to look and Tessie had already set everything in the living room. And who tried the sofa first? Spike was way ahead of her. That's why the title....I'll bet you thought that she was yelling at Zar. Nope. He settled into the zebra chair. He knows what's good for him. He will not go near the sofa until Tessie gives him the OK.

The bolster pillow is simply one of those dreaded tampons covered with fabric and ends of index card, also covered with fabric. The cording is good old Perle cotton.

Now if I could just find time to finish the zebra rug. It's getting there. Slowly....I will keep plugging along on it.

See you tomorrow.


rosanna said...

GORGEOUS!!! you committed a murder but it was for a good reason. tessie will be happy...for a while. Mini hugs Rosanna

Lataina said...

Casey, it looks great! I think I am getting just as impatient as Tessie in seeing the townhouse It's hard to wait when you always have such great ideas and fantastic projects. I also think often about poor Zar's cottage. It seems that he and Cordelia are much better when it comes to patience.

Have a GREAT day!!!!
Iris =)

Lisette said...

wonderfully made.

otterine said...

Awesome! :] Can I come hang out at Tessie's swanky pad?

Kathi said...

Love your mini modern furniture. Glad Tessie likes it too. You must be doing something right! :D

Sarah said...

That is such a cool couch!

Sans! said...

Fantastic work, Casey!

Ana Anselmo said...

Looks great! I love the living room!!!! I always learn someting with you.

Clara said...

¡Que cambio le has dado a la sala de estar! Me gusta mucho cómo has resuelto el sófá, incluído el asesinato de la camiseta :)
Las patas en forma de cono están muy bien hechas.
Gracias por enseñar el paso a paso.
Besos Clara.

May said...

Gracias por enseñarnos como lo has hecho.
Te ha quedado genial.
Hay que ver de lo que somos capaces de hacer.
por nuestras miniaturas.
No tendrias que consentir subir al perro, te lo va a ensuciar todo, jeje

Maria Jose said...

Beautiful sofa !!!