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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bits and Pieces.....

Not a lot going on in mini land today.....Well there is, but it isn't that interesting.

First, I grabbed a pair of needle nosed pliers and some wire cutters and went to work on some old findings and earrings to make clasps for purses to put in the work box. Here you see some of the whole findings and the pieces that I cut from them. With some of the bell caps the have arms, I can get 7 clasps for purses. Poke the photo to see them more clearly.

I then went to work making silk roses. The basket that Tessie is holding has more than 40 roses in it. She says that's not enough and is demanding that I make this short so that I can make more. Slave driver! If you go to tutorials, there is one for making roses somewhere along the line.

The last thing I want to show you before I go back to work is glue....Yup. I said glue. Some of you probably have already found these. I looked at them a while back and this morning I decided that they would be perfect for the traveling work box....Not all at one time, but one at a time.

I found them at Walmart. 2.97 for five bottles. They are just the right size to fit in the box and there are four different types of glue. My favorite is the Fast Grab at the far left. It is the closest thing to the old Velverette fabric glue from years ago. Next is the Clear Gel. I kind of like that for paper, more than anything else. Then there are two bottles of regular tacky and last is one that I haven't used before. It is Quick Dry. I figured that this was a good way to try it out. If I don't like it, I can always fill it wit Fast Grab from my gigantic every day bottle.

I really don't have much else to tell you. Tessie is pulling at my sleeve and whining, "We need more roses.". I guess I should go watch TV and make more. Oh! Another idea. Have I ever told you about gathering ribbon into carnations without the benefit of needle and thread? I am such a tease. I will save that for tomorrow.

See you then.


Tabitha Corsica said...

That Velverette glue was the best! I hadn't seen it around lately and didn't realize they stopped making it. I'll have to give the Fast Grab a try. I think they've also stopped making the old Quick Grab glue...there's something out called Quick Grip but it doesn't seem the same....

Claudia said...

Those roses are beautiful! Thanks for the glue tips - they are the perfect size, aren't they?

Katie said...

...I've been using the fast grab glue ever since you first told us about it! I love it too!

OK...Now I feel stupid, cause I've always wondered where people get clasps for mini bags....never thought of cutting stuff down! Duh! You're so smart! Thanks!!!!