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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A basket of Eggs....

April and I went out to breakfast and thrift shopping this morning. Who knew that Goodwill was open on Sunday? I didn't think that they were....Actually, they may as well have been closed.

All I managed to find was this little hinge lidded basket for a dollar. And it was just right for carrying home the eggs that April gave me.

She and Seth have three chickens in a small pen in the back yard. They average maybe an egg or two a day. She gave me four.

We will be having omelets for dinner tonight. That is, if I can manage to get them away from Tessie. She saw them and instantly went into mother hen mode. She insists that, "If I sit with them in the basket, sing to them and keep them warm, we will have cute, fuzzy baby chicks in no time."....I hate to burst her bubble, but there is no rooster involved. I need to think of something to distract her.

Here's the outside of the basket. With a little stain, a lining and a needlework inset in the lid, I think that it will make quite a nice, small sewing basket. Just what I need....Another sewing basket for my collection.

I am getting carried away with the witch scissors. I am now working on a needle book to go with them.....This witchy quote from Macbeth will go on the cover. It seems fitting, somehow.

I did that yesterday. Now all I have to do is make the book to go behind it.

I am going to go play some more now. Maybe tomorrow I will get back to serious townhouse stuff......Maybe....

See you then.


Clara said...

¡Ummm! ¡Que buenos huevos camperos y ecologicos! Espero que tessi no rompiera ninguno. Ahora a sorprendernos con tu libro bordado, la primera página es muy original. Besos Clara

April said...

Did you manage to make an omlet or do you have a shiny new batch of baby chicks?