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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have a Chair....

I have been trying to decide what kind of chairs I want in the kitchen. Until I make that decision, I am going to throw together three skirted Parson's chairs. Come along and I will show you how.

This is a very simple design that I first made in quarter inch scale, years ago. I figured that it could be made in one inch scale just as easily.

The first picture is the only pattern that you really need.

I use balsa wood as a base for the seat. It will never be seen, so why go to the trouble of making legs?

I cut two seat shapes from 1/2" thick balsa and two from 1/4" for each chair. Then one of that shape from index card.

I cut a piece of illustration board the shape of the bottom two thirds of the back pattern. Then a whole shape of the back pattern from index card.

You will need enough fabric to cover around the base, the seat cushion and the back. You will also need a couple of small pieces of bonded batting for the seat cushion and the back.

I cut the balsa pieces on the scroll saw.

I glued two of the half inch pieces together and a quarter inch piece on top of that. The other quarter inch piece will be the cushion.

First I covered the base with the seam in the back. Then I cut pieces out of the corners and glued them to the top and bottom.

I did the same thing with the seat piece.

Then I cut pieces of index card just a tiny bit smaller than the front and sides of the chair and covered them with fabric, leaving the top side loose to glue to the top of the block.

After those were glued on the front and sides, I cut a piece of index card for the cushion. I padded it with the batting. Then I covered that with fabric and glued it to the top of the cushion.

I glued that part to the balsa form for the cushion.

I covered the illustration board with fabric all around the edges.

I covered the top third of the index card piece with batting. Then I wrapped the index card back piece with fabric, gluing as I went. I cut a miter in the corner of all pieces to eliminate bulk.

Here you see the assembly of the back. The illustration board is to give it some body. The index card simply is glued to match on the back.

When you glue on the skirt and back piece, leave a 1/4" margin unglued on the sides and bottom. that way you can make the pleated corners flair out a bit when you are finished.

The last step is to glue the back of the chair to the base at the back.

I haven't done any trim on this chair so far. I will wait until I have all three done. I can't decide if I want white, black or a contrasting color. Neither can Tessie.

As usual, I am being accused of cruel and unusual punishment....."Finally! I have a place to set down in the kitchen. I have been standing for months!"

The drama of it all!

See you tomorrow with finished chairs.


Kathi said...

Great looking chair Casey! Thanks for the tutorial.

Margaret said...

Great to see how you have done this, thanks for showing it Casey!

Tabitha Corsica said...

My goodness Casey...just when I think I could go running into the night, screaming and pulling my hair out, you and Tess just reign it all in with something so very cool (and these chairs!) like this tutorial. Thank you for grounding me.....and reminding me what this hobby is all about.


Caseymini said...

Tabitha, I am so glad that I could keep you from running into the night, screaming and pulling your hair out....Just me, Tessie and a little chair!LOL

Norma said...

That's so cool, thanks Casey.

otterine said...

Gorgeous slipper chair! :D

Susan said...

What a nifty idea for chairs! Thanks for the tutorial. Love the fabric by the way. Surely Tessie will give you some peace with these chairs to occupy her mind.

Caseymini said...

I also designed a quarter inch pattern for an arm chair and sofa made in a similar fashion. I will have to see if I can adapt those to 1" also.

Glad you all like the chair!

Debie Lyons said...

Casey this is such a good tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

Debie xxxxxxxxx

Iris said...

Pretty chair! Thank You looked me how you did it.