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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Waiting For Mookie.....

Mookie went back to the vet this morning. He was still not eating or drinking anything. Not a good thing. The vet will get him going again. He will stay overnight, so I am just trying to concentrate on anything but him being in misery. I don't think that I am doing a very good job.

I don't want to work on the townhouse because my mind wouldn't be on the task at hand. So....I went into the workroom and looked for busy work.

I found this little vignette wooden crate where I had my baskets displayed before the basket shop. It is still in good shape.....Empty....In need of something for the inside. That should be easy enough to keep me busy and Tessie entertained.

I went and got my boxes of hats, shoes and purses and went to work.

One good thing. Spike went into hiding a couple of weeks ago, as he is prone to do. Couldn't find him anywhere. I found him in the box of hats....Wearing a fedora......Smoking a pipe. I am fibbing about the pipe. He doesn't smoke.

Anyway, I killed about 20 minutes putting together a display. Why have all this stuff made and stuck in a box?

Tessie took one look and declared, "I would shop here." All that means is, she is going to pilfer half of the things for her new closet when it is finished.

She has her eye on the red and black corset in the corner......

While I was at it, I drew up a pattern for the black hobo bag that she has over her arm.

If you want to make one, here are the directions.

The larger piece is cut from very thin black glove leather.

The one labeled Bottom is cut from an index card or card stock.

You glue the side seam on the bag and then notch the bottom edge and glue it around the card piece.

I didn't give a pattern for the covering piece for the bottom because I always just glue a piece of leather to the bottom of the bag to cover and then trim it with small scissors, even with the edge of the bag.

The only thing that I added to Tessie's bag was a small gold finding for a clasp. You can get fancier with it if you want.

Then you simply tie a knot at the top(I use a square knot. It lies better.) and you are finished.

Have fun with the bag. Tessie and I are off to find something else simple to get into now.

See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

Oh Casey! I sure hope Mookie gets to feeling better soon! Keep us posted!! Big hugs!

The Old Maid said...

I am surprised too you put all these beautiful things in box!Glad they are out now:) Keep my fingers crossed for Mookie!

Susanne said...

Sorry about Mookie not being well, Casey, I hope he is getting better soon. I know how we are spelled by the big image of freedom of the cat telling us it is a very independent soul, and yet is is a true and beloved familiy member. We just love our cats, and they love us each in our different ways.
Love, Susanne

Merry Jingle said...

Hope that Mookie will get well soon :)

Flor said...

Espero Mookie ya se sienta muy bien..
Es impresionante con la rapidez con la que trabajas, el montón de ideas que desarrollas y lo mejor de todo ¡perfectas!! ¡felicidades por ese talento!!

MiniKat said...

Poor Mookie! I hope he gets to feeling better soon. It's really no fun being at the vet's, especially overnight. :-(


Tabitha Corsica said...

Sorry to hear Mookie is still not himself. I am sure the vet will sort him out...probably just needs some extra fluids and some additional antibiotics. But it is hard when our furry friends are away from us...

Your display looks great. Imagine all that stuffed away in a box... Love to see Tess in that corset!


Marlene said...

Sending love and huggs to you and Mookie xxxxxxxxxxxxx