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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spots Before My Eyes....

Mookie is finally on the way to good health. He is allowed to roam freely in the house and that means I can quit stalling and go back to work on the townhouse.

Tessie is still nagging. "Faster! Faster!" She wants to move in yesterday.

I did some more on the bathroom this morning. As you can see, the light fixture is not permanently installed yet, but I wanted to see if I liked this one or wanted to find another one....Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

I still need to touch up a couple of places and I am debating whether I should put a bit of color in the design.

After I finished playing with that for a while, I decided that I needed to fancy up the fixtures more.
I used cheap tricks to do it. Since everything was circles and rings, I went and got the wrong end of a paintbrush, tore apart a ballpoint pen and rounded up a few toothpicks.

The wrong end of the paintbrush is for big dots. The pen tube is for the rings and the toothpick(the fancy carved kind) Is for smaller dots.

As you can see, I do a lot of messing about on a piece of cardboard before I start stamping the fixtures. And it is a good idea to have a piece of fabric in front of you if you are trying to co ordinate something.

Here is what I have so far.

I am going to have to do some touch up on some of the circles, but it's a start.

I may just use pieces of the fabric on the toilet tank and lid. I think that they will look better and since they are flat, they will be easy to do.

Tessie is driving me nuts. It's the usual....."I want a bath and I want it NOW!" I am in the mood to work, so she may just get her wish.
I should get back at it....the polka dots are calling.

See you tomorrow.


Kim said...

wow Casey- I absolutely love this bathroom and I don't usually like black and white. Must be all those circles- I love circles! Tessie must be in heaven! The bathtub is just so fab!!!

The Old Maid said...

The bathtub and the celling are looking great!

Marion said...

Tessie sure is a handful, but you've got to love her!!!! Thanks for all those clear explanations and hints on the way. Very helpful :-)

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

What a stunning design! You're SO talented, Casey -- I always love seeing what you (and Tessie) have been up to!

miniacollection said...

It's a great bathroom, I love the way the toilets and bath match the walls.