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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Out of the Bag.....

It wasn't easy, getting Tessie to come out. I had forgotten that I lined that particular bag with puce silk.....We all know what puce does to Tessie......

Zar plied her with something pink and fizzy in a martini glass. That didn't do it. Here we thought that we were torturing her.....She thought that we were being really nice.

Today is Wednesday and I have a mini meeting to get ready for, so as usual, I am going to ramble on about a number of things and get nothing accomplished.

First I wanted to show you a find from Walmart. These mini clothespins were in the office supplies section. Not only are they cute, but they work as mini clamps where the larger, real ones won't fit. Twelve in a package for less than two dollars.

Unfortunately, they are easy enough for Tessie to open, so somebody's gonna get pinched!

Next is a book that I ordered from Amazon last week.

This is a must for anyone doing a Victorian house. I can't begin to tell you all of the information in it. I gives one many, many ideas for accessorizing a Victorian house. Love it.

Zar and Tessie got a hold of it and now they both want lots of new things that they found inside. I have an out. It's neither Steampunk or 60s. I am safe for now.

The last thing for today is a website that you are going to love.....Hang onto your pocketbooks!
This website is for jewelry making, but it has a whole lotta stuff that can be used in mini making.

Under the tool section, you will find the embossing stamps that I used to make the pitcher and box the other day and lots of other neat embossing tools. Also under the tool section, there is a selection of mini punches. Lots of leaves that are just the right size for our work. After you finish wandering around in those, there are so many other things that would work for us. Have fun.

I am off to do some more cleaning in the workroom and then to minis.

See you tomorrow.


Tallulah Belle said...

Those clothespins look like great mini clams. I'll have to check them out.
I need to look at that book as well....I am not making anything Victorian but it looks like a fun read.

And that I've been after some texture plates for a while and they have some great ones...thanks for sharing. I'll be busy for a while on there :-)

Debbie said...

Casey, thanks for sharing that link. I've been over there having a lovely browse on and off since this morning.. xxx

Debie Lyons said...

Thank you for the link Casey, off for a browse.

Debie xxxx