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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And Another One Bites the Dust......

I got another light finished this morning. This one is for the bathroom.

Testing. One, two, three......Yup it works.

I made it from a gold finding and an old hurricane globe that was lying around.

I remembered that most of the fixtures in our house, in the late 60s were wrought iron, or at least made to look like that. So I just painted the finding black, stuck the globe to it and strung the light through both.

This isn't a very good photo. I was holding the false ceiling up with one hand and taking the photo with the other. Sorry about that..... I still have to paint the ceiling. Thinking ahead, I am making all of the ceilings so that they can slide out if something happens to the lights.

Meanwhile, Tessie is once again on her high horse. She found her old protest sign and is doing just that. Protesting....."You promised me a bath! I need a bath!"

"Don't mess with me, Tessie! I have a whole glass full of paint water. You had better be quiet or you will get a good shower!" I told her.

She kind of backed down after that. I did promise her that I would finish the bathroom today.....I did not, however, promise that the water would be hooked up or the electrical either. It's not like there is no place to bathe. There are several other houses in the neighborhood that have facilities. She just wants her own finished.

I did go on the net yesterday to find 60s art. I simply put "60s rock posters" in Bing images. I got so many that it was hard to choose just a few.

I stopped when I had enough to fill a sheet of card stock.

Tessie was happy with those. She likes either the Doors and the Cream poster for the bath. I kind of like the Different Drummer poster at the top left of the photo. No decisions have been made yet. We will have to argue a bit more. I am still searching for a copy of one of the Doors posters I had back then. I haven seen that particular one anywhere. I did find a few other ones that I had...And I realized that I have a Mucha poster hanging in my real bathroom that I bought back then.

That got me to thinking. I have a lot of my early drawings from back then.....I may just have to talk Tessie into shrinking some of them and hanging them in the house. That might be fun.

See you tomorrow.


Peach Blossom Hill said...

The lights look great! I managed to wallpaper Joanna's living room and then this a.m., checked on it and there are two very noticeable air bubbles trapped. Do you know what do do when that happens besides strategically placed furniture, plants and lighting???!!!


Caseymini said...

Jody, poke it with a pin or a needle then start pressing at the edges.You didn't say how long it has been this way. If the glue isn't dry yet it is pretty easy. If it is, it's a bit more difficult. Then you have to get a needle nosed bottle and inject some glue under it. Good Luck!

I have gone as far as slicing a line in it and putting the glue under if it is a heavily patterned paper. It happens to all of us.

That's the reason that I like to use fabric if I can. Not nearly as difficult as paper.