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Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Call This Thing a Rug???

"It looks more like a cocoon. It's all curly and crooked!"

Yes, I finished it. After the last stitch, Tessie was not all that impressed.....

"It just needs blocking." I told her.

I took it to the ironing board. I laid it face down and used a sprayer filled with water on the back.

Then I stretched it and pulled it until it was squared and ironed it again until it was dry. It is helpful if you have a quilter's ironing mat with a one inch grid to do this.

I never iron the front. It flattens the stitches.

I made sure that it was the way that I wanted it to look on the front and then on the back I put white glue in a line around the edges. On the sides, it let it run over the edge and smeared it with my finger. On the ends, I carefully went just to the edge. I wanted fringe on those two edges.

Then I waited for the glue to dry. When it was thoroughly dry, I cut carefully along the two long edges just next to the last line of stitches.... On the ends, I cut three cords away from the edge.

Then I unraveled the three cords. I took a needle and ran it through the fringe to make it softer and less cord like.

That's all that is needed to finish a rug and make it look in scale. I find that binding them makes them too thick and there is no way that you can sit a chair on the edge without wobbling.

Tessie is now happy with it and as soon as she tested it out, she turned, looked at me with a scowl, and asked, "OK....Now where'd you put the gold leaf stuff???"

So much for out of site, out of mind....

See you tomorrow. I will be the one with gold leaf stuck in odd patches all over my body.


Kathi said...

Wow Casey! Your rug is gorgeous!

Margaret said...

The carpet looks great but what thanks do you get, I guess you can't expect too much from a witch. She does have her good moments though. Wonder what you will be doing in gold leaf, I have always wanted to try that.

Eliza said...

I love the rug!

rosanna said...

Great looking rug. I like modern minis and now I'm VERY curious about gold leaf. Have a nice day, in spite of Tessie, Rosanna

The Old Maid said...

The rug is great! Why don't you ask Tessie to help you with golden leaf? I wonder how she is going to look like all in gold ;)

christine said...

she is so ungrateful! (and pushy)
lock her in her room for a while,until she decides to be nice!!or better still, give the rug to someone who appreciates it!!!! :)

Debbie said...

Lovely Rug Casey. But it seems there is no pleasing the little Witch. I hope you've hidden that Gold Leaf very well...xx