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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Weather Is MUCH Too Nice......

I ask you....Which would you rather be doing today? If you had a back yard full of blooming flowers, would you want to be inside with a needle and thread or outside sitting in the shade with a glass of iced tea in hand?

I even had a choice of venues. Over in the corner there are two chairs under the fig and pomegranate trees.

Opposite the back porch, under a beautiful, no name shade tree that came up all by itself, there is a single chair next to the blooming bougainvillea. I hate to have to make choices like this, so I spent the morning re potting plants and listening to the birds chirp. I didn't sit down at all....

When I came back in the house to work on the rya rug, I found this.

I do believe that Tessie is trying to make me feel guilty. No. She didn't do all of that work. I did it last night and early this morning. She is just trying to make you think that she did it.

It seems that she is immensely irritated with me for not spending the morning indoors with needle in hand.

I refuse to feel guilty. I did not sit. I did not drink iced tea. I worked. Just because it wasn't for her, she is ticked off.

Oh well....Sometimes, even Tessie doesn't get her way.....

"OK Tessie. I hear you. I will be back to work on the rug and chair in a minute. Stop yelling!"

I have to go now. It seems that my work is never done.

See you tomorrow.


Lene said...

I like your garden, and would also like to sit there. Couldn't you just bring Tessie outthere too?

Puppenstubennostalgie said...

Oh, bei Euch ist so schönes Wetter. Bei uns ist es kalt und regnerisch....!

Und Tessie mag nur, das Ihr Teppich fertig wird. SIeht schon toll aus.

Liebe Grüße von PuNo/Monika