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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Various and Sundry Things.....

Brae over at blog has lots of wonderful ideas. One of her latest was printing out a rug that she wanted to make in the size that she wanted to make it, to try it out in her dollhouse. If you go over there, you sell find information on a site that can print out a design for needlepoint or cross stitching the rug.

Impatient person that I am, I tried the idea of printing out the design in the size I wanted. I used my greeting card program that has rulers on two sides to do it. Very simple.

Rather than figuring out stitches to the inch and messing with all of the in between steps, I cheated. I took some congress cloth, #24 and held it up to the window and traced it with a permanent Sharpie, fine tipped pen. Here you see the traced pattern and the thread that was chosen. Since it was a really simple pattern, I didn't need a printed pattern.

There were two that I liked. This one was even simpler. No straight lines to mess with. I started this one yesterday. It is done in basket weave stitch and goes fairly fast.

I like Brae's way of doing things. If you have a chance, do go look through her blog. Lots of neat work and she has many good ideas there.

Now. About the sundry part....I stopped at Dollar Tree on my way home from town this morning. I hit the jackpot. Tessie was thrilled. I found a TV for the townhouse, a mini, 12 piece, screwdriver set, a couple of tote bags and some clear stick on protectors that I think that I can use as glass and bottle bottoms. They are round and come in various sizes. They are hard to see in the photo, but there are quite a few of them.

I don't know about you, but I hate cutting circles that I can't cut with a punch and gluing them is even more irritating. I am thinking that these will come in handy.

Anyway, now that I have shown you the stash, I have to go open the packages and see what they all can do. Tessie is waiting.

See you tomorrow.


FabShabbyRoses said...

Great start on some gorgeous carpets Casey! It always amazes me how you "whip" things up. I can't wait to see these finished. Carolyn

Debbie said...

I do Love a bargain Casey. Looks like you came home with some great stash..x