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Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Mother's Day.....

OK. So it wasn't mom's day for most of you....Mine was late this year. Remember the dreaded cold that I had? The kids came over yesterday afternoon with pizza and a DVD.

April brought me a bouquet. Much better than roses.

The mom of one of her friends owns Cactus Quilt Shop here in town. It is way on the northwest side of town so I have never been there. I am ashamed to say.

April has been taking some quilting classes there for the past year or so. I got her to make her first quilt a few years ago. She vowed to never make another. I just sat back and waited. She is now on her third or fourth one and she is even trying hand quilting now.

Anyway, she brought me a bouquet of fat quarters. All of them are suitable for miniatures! Tiny prints are few and far between even in quilt shops these days. These are wonderful.

As you can see, Tessie immediately fell in love. It was, "I'll have an apron from this one and this one and this one." No "May I haves?". All "I'll haves."

First she got the ribbon untied and laid them all out on the table. Her comment was, "Mine!" and "I want them all!"

Then she made me peel all of the tape off of them and lay them out on the table so that she could really see them. Poke the photo for a better view.

I do believe that there is going to be a disagreement over whom gets what. I especially like the first one in the second row that is printed on the diagonal. Very unusual.

April used the black with white polka dots in her last quilt. She knew I would like that one because I kept reminding her to save me the scraps.

Good daughter that she is, she remembers things like that.

I am now going to go do housework, with drooling breaks. I must remember to be careful not to lean over the fabric whilst drooling. It's very hard to do laundry and cleaning when there is so much new fabric waiting to be used.

Even though it was a bit late, it was a good Mother's Day.

See you tomorrow.


dale said...

Sweet, sounds like a wonderful day.

The fabric bouquet is such a great idea!

I think I have that black and white pattern. ;)

Debbie said...

What a lovely present. Can't wait to see what you make from them Casey. x

Deni said...

Oh WOW what a lovely gift!
Just right prints for your minis too!
How fabulous!!!

elis said...

I love all the fabrics. Very lovely gift.

Tabitha Corsica said...

Quilt shops have become my favorite place for fabric with mini of all the fabric is all cotton (no polyester!) What a nice gift.