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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Get This Thing OFF!!!

Last night, after much arguing, I took the new dress off of Tessie. She hated it. To quote her, "I look like a sissy! How am I supposed to work in this thing?"

So much for cutesy clothes....I dug through the stash and found some homespun plaid and made her another one. I did cheat and make her a fancy apron. I find that she doesn't object to those, because they can be thrown in the wash.

She did say that the fancy dress would look nice hanging in her new closet, so I guess it will get some use, in a way.

After Tessie chased all of the varmints out of the garden yesterday, you would think that Zar would get the hint.....Nope. He brought her a present bright and early this morning.

Tessie is now the proud owner of a baby hedgehog.

Surprisingly, she likes this one....Well, let's face it. She likes them all. She just doesn't like them eating her veggies.

It is good luck to have a hedge hog by the hearth. She is already planning where to put his sleeping basket.

BTW. If you would like to make the apron that she has on, here's the pattern. Kind of. This is one of those that I took the handkerchief and just started cutting.

If you think of the post it note as a square handkerchief, this is what you do.

You snip off one corner for the bib(top). Then you cut the opposite corner as long as you want it. I did it so that the tip just touched the edge of her skirt. Then I cut a bit off of each side to make the back straight.

I cut a couple of strips from the body of the handkerchief and folded on the dotted line, down the center lengthwise. I glued it to itself and then trimmed it straight. This is for the waistband and the bow.

The last piece is the neck band. It is just one of the finished edges, cut long enough to fit around her neck and overlap.

Gather the bottom piece along the dotted line. make it fit almost around the waist. Then glue the bib to the gathered piece, centering the corners. (I did all of this right on Tessie. I find that if I get it to fit, I can pull it off in one piece after I am done if I am careful with the glue. This way I am sure that it will fit.)

I fashion a bow by first, cutting the tails and folding them in on themselves in a v shape. Glue them to the center back. Then I make a "ring" with another piece, long enough for the "ears". Take a third, short piece and fold that around the center of the ears. Then glue that on top of the ties. There you have it. A simple apron.

If you want to make a square one, just cut the bottom and the bib from the side of the handkerchief instead of the corner. Hem the sides with glue and finish it just like the pointy one.

I am going back to my cold now. Bah humbug!

See you tomorrow.


The Old Maid said...

Love Tessie's apron:) Get well soon!

Debbie said...

Hope your soon on the mend Casey, can't have you ill as well. Thanks for the email.
Very clever idea on how to make the apron, thanks for sharing. xxx

Debie Lyons said...

Get well soon Casey xxx

Deni said...

I do hope you feeling better!
That apron is lovely!
Isn't she a funny that Tessie I thought she would have loved that dress!
Oh well some folks ya just can't please all of the time just some of the time...* wink
Its great! You can still actually make something really neat!
I would be hopeless I would have to lay down and not think lol!

Caseymini said...

Actually Deni, I was pretty much laying down to do the work, with a lap table. I went as far as losing my voice last night. It seems to be back now though. Tessie is still not happy with the clothes. She says that this one is too bulky......Here we go again.

Deni said...

oH you poor thing terrible how these colds can effect you!
That Tessie needs a smack lol
Guess she might zap me if I did that! lol