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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Case of the Disappearing Hallway......

Tessie got her way..... How she is ever going to concentrate on anything she does in the workroom is beyond me. I still haven't done the ceiling, but the floor and the moldings are finished. She is more generous than Zar. She is happy to let him into hers. No secrets here..... Well....Maybe a couple. She isn't saying.

By the way, the floor is also fabric. I simply wrapped it around a piece of illustration board, cut to size. It is glued all over the top and the edges wrapped around to the back for neatness.

It makes me dizzy to look at that room now. I am thinking that I may just border the ceiling with bubbles and leave the center of it white. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I finished the upper hallway. Walnut floors, Midnight Blue with Light Ivory trim. I made a Roman shade to match the border in the workroom.

This is the room that is, for all intents and purposes, going to disappear. It will be seen from the outside and through the bathroom door. Other than that, no more. I am going to have to waste a light in there if I want the work to show at all.

I put the wall temporarily in place to illustrate. The door where Tessie is standing is the only view of the hallway. It doesn't really bother me that it can't be seen. It's boring.

Tessie has plans to put a few things in there as a surprise for people that get too nosy and peek through the window. She says, "If they are nosy enough to look, they deserve what they get....."

I didn't ask what she meant by that statement. I have heard her talk about a sightlessness spell. If you look at something that you shouldn't, you stop seeing anything at all for 3 minutes.

After I finish the hall and close it off, I am not ever, never, going to peek in the window again....You can. If you want to take the chance......Think about it...

See you tomorrow.


Sans said...

I will take my chances, Casey :). I am deliberating the interiors of a junior farmhouse now, wondering if white walls for the bottom rooms (but will end up busy with knick knacks) and bold coloured walls on the top floors will make the whole house look like they are mis-matched. That's why I am very curious how that midnight blue wall is going to look when the other rooms are done. Will they all be of the same colour? Probably not right?

Deni said...

OH WOW I just love that midnight blue I think it is terrific!
Would prolly have to have the lights on to see it but.... hey one cannot see the dust lol...... just kidding!!!!