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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Since You Aren't Using This......

I have heard Tessie's sentences start with this phrase about 20 times this morning. They are mostly directed at Zar.

By the way, he is doing just fine. For those of you that were worried about him, his kitchen, bath, bedroom and workroom were essentially finished before Tessie zapped Clockwork Cottage to the top shelf. He has moved in and is working on the house a little at a time. He is quite happy to be out of the way of Tessie's line of fire. Too bad it didn't last....

Tessie found his stash of unused furniture. Remember the big brass bed that was too large for his bedroom in the cottage? That was the first thing she wanted. It will probably fit much better in her new house. Her bedroom is quite large.

She has insisted that the hangings just aren't right for a lady. We will be stripping everything off and starting over as soon as I finish here. All she has to do is rummage through the fabric drawers and figure out what she wants.

Meanwhile, she is holding Zar's favorite pair of goggles for ransom. Spike likes them. She wants the bed and a wicker chair in trade.....Wait! The chair isn't Zar's. It is mine!

For that, she used the same line on me. Then when I said she could have it, she said, "But it has to be a different color if I am going to use it. Beige is too drab."

I hit upon an idea. I went and dug out a can of Golden Pecan Minwax stain and went to work.

I usually hand dye the thread before I make wicker. I decided that it couldn't hurt trying to stain it after instead. This is an old chair. It worked pretty well except for the cloth covered wire. I think that must be a synthetic fabric, because it just wouldn't take the stain. I mixed up a matching paint color and brushed that on the wires. It worked. She liked the color. Now everybody's happy....Or so I thought.

"I greatly dislike blue!" she said. At least the seat is easy to recover. I figured that she would find something wrong with it. I am going to wait to change that until she decides on colors for whatever room she plans to use it in.

I finally got tired of the same sentence over and over. I suggested that she go sort through her own stash and see what she could find.
The last time I saw her was through the doorway of her "secret storage room" in the computer room wall.

She has so much stuff piled in there that she has to climb over it to get around. It will be good for her to use some of this stash. I can see a couple of rugs and an armoire that would be good candidates, from here.....I wonder what is behind the door? Actually, I think that I am afraid to look.

I am going to go rip a bed apart. That will be safer than trying to see what is behind the door. I keep hearing strange hisses and growls coming from there.

Back to work. See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Shame you can't shrink down like Alice Casey and have a good look round in Tessie's Secret Room. Wonder what other stuff she's borrowed that you don't know about...LOL

Thmini2 said...

Tessie!! You should not be so greedy! LOL.

Merry Jingle said...

Your stories give me always such good mood, I have to read your blog more often :)

And I love the wicker chair,


Irene said...

I love the dog with the goggles!

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Steampunk Spike! he should keep them on!! LOL
you did a great job on the chair x