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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planting the Seed......

This is going to be quick and painless.....I had Wednesday Witches mini meeting here today so I didn't get a lot done.

Tessie, on the other hand, did quite well with her planting.

I gave her free run of my landscaping box and she went to work. Here you see her "cupping" leaves with a ball stylus.

She then glued them to plant stems. She cheats, you see. None of that plant the seed and watch it grow business for her. Put it together and be done with it is her motto.

I will show you some of the methods that she uses tomorrow.
This is what she accomplished today.....Yes. She still has custody of my ficus. We are going to have to have a serious talk about plant pilfering.

I need the rest of the afternoon off. For now I am going to let her think that she got away with it. Tomorrow we get back to business.

See you then.


Kathi said...

I'm lovin' that little strawberry pot Tessie has there... So cute!
Hope you have a great evening. :D

Deni said...

Oh she is a busy Bee isn't she!